Monday, February 6, 2023

'Show me to be faithful, Lord!'

That should be the prayer of every one of us each time we walk out our front door!  For beyond there awaits a very unknown world full of folks with needs.  Will YOU be there for them?

After hours at the store,

meeting peoples' needs.
Hearing all the quandaries...
this servant, he now cedes
unto a place that's quieter
and busy not at all,
back to that mountain getaway--
no stresses come to call!

And on this cloudy afternoon
there is an able breeze
tickling the chimes that sway
with the mighty trees.
The squirrels tease the dogs below
by jumping limb-to-limb;
and I unwind amidst it all
as I converse with Him.

I saw so many people and
I spoke with quite a few.
They know that I am tight with God,
and share their needs anew.
Most know I will not be there unless
God enables me!
Therefore, someone they can trust,
they very clearly see!

"Thank You, Father, that I'm able
to be used this way!
They know that they can tell me something
and, for them, I will pray!
And they know someone will listen
any time at all!
Oh, what a blessed privilege
to contain Your Call!"

Some folks go to a job.  This man goes to a 'ministry' each day!  What a blessing!  Wherever I find employment, whatever I set my hand to do, God sees to it that He is visible enough IN me that these folks reach out!  Can they do that to you where you are?  I sure hope so!

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