Wednesday, February 1, 2023


At times, so much is happening in and around us that it so easily detracts us from time with HIM!  May we be ever-aware of such truth so that we give HIM ample time!

"Silencing the chatter...
ignoring what is due...
setting all else by the side,
Oh Lord, to be with You!
'Living' gets so 'complicated'
with so much we call 'life'
that we must pause to be with You,
to so escape the strife!

What a beneficial 'pause'
each time it's taken place.
There receiving perfect peace
from Your abundant grace!
Receiving all I ever need
to call the day 'success.'
For straight out of Your giving hand
is everything to 'bless!'

Oh, so necessary is
this Hallelujah place!
Spending precious time with You-
it is how to keep pace
with the speed of 'life' that seems
to slow down not at all.
For in this 'pause,' it is
Your very Holy Name I call!
And You are faithful to attend,
to straighten and to heal.
You know so very well the 'stress'
that 'living' may conceal!
You give the necessary strength
to overcome the day,
and face but all and everything
that WILL be, come what may!

This 'pause' inside the day-
'time' that has such great pay!
You offer it to all
that hasten to Your Call!"

My friends, MAKING that time is NOT an option!  His Word calls it 'the sacrifice of praise.'  Forget it not as you follow in His steps and I promise you will NOT regret it!  For He already knows the path ahead.  Why not LET Him direct it?

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