Friday, February 10, 2023


Finished up now with what was necessary.  Now, from this hillside, I watch and wait for that which has been forecasted and I KNOW is coming...

Upon a craggy hill looking out,

out into the gray.
The sun is absent 'til this winter
storm has had its way!
I must get done in town before
the weather overtakes,
then get back home to hunker down,
and watch what winter makes!
A day off from the Depot and
the duties I have there.
I'm glad I'm off, as the
elements are everywhere!

But there is rain that's happening
that so few know about:
that rain takes place inside the hearts
of them that are without!
And such as those are all about us-
we must be aware,
loving them, embracing them,
proving that we care!

All sorts of weather happens in
the people that we know.
Those of us that may seem 'stable'
through the same things go!
BUT GOD, the Master Stabilizer,
cares for ALL of us,
and sees us through all kinds of 'weather,'
that there be no 'fuss!'

Jesus Christ Himself saves us so that we can be His hands, His feet and His heart here in a world that is often quite stormy!  Afterwards, however, He gives us the wise to the type of day it will be and plan accordingly!  He does so, so that He can continue to use us for HIS good pleasure!

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