Thursday, February 16, 2023

Nothing is 'Predictable!'

Unseasonal...AGAIN!  Two days ago we were enjoying shorts and 70 degree weather!  Yesterday, it started cooling off and clouding up.  Last night, THE DOGS woke us up to tornado sirens going off!  We spent a few hours huddled together in the center hallway of the house until we heared the "All Clear" siren.  This morning's news was showing the damage around the area.  We were VERY fortunate...AND BLESSED!  Thank God for that 'sense' that animals have!

Paradise was wonderful

with 70's and sun!
Last night, however, sirens and
we were under the gun!
Lightning struck...thunder roared...
winds blew 'round and 'round!
Waking up this morning, though,
'round here, it's safe and sound!
I'm grateful that God took His hand
and covered up our place.
I see the morning news, however,
and some escaped said grace!
Desolation and destruction
from what did arrive!
However, they have lived to tell.
Through God, they're still alive!

His Word declares "It rains upon
the just and the unjust."
And disaster even strikes the ones
that, in Him, fully trust!
All that we can do is press on
through each element,
trusting God, clinging to Him
through ALL inclement!

Yes, paradise was wonderful,
in that Perfect Place where we
will live eternally!
Until that Trumpet Blast, however,
we press on with hope,
KNOWING that, whatever comes,
our God will help us cope!

We've only got a few branches scattered across the property, while only minutes from here folks have complete trees uprooted!!  We are no better than they are.  They are no worse than we are!  And the elements will have their way no matter WHO we are or WHOSE we are!!  All we can do is bind together and help one another through it all!

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