Saturday, February 4, 2023

NOTHING else even comes close!!

Yes, in Jesus Christ alone are you secure!  In Jesus Christ ONLY!  And there NOTHING known to man to take His place or even come close!  Yet man, in all of his 'busyness,' would seek out other avenues to do such.  That is and ever will be fruitless!  IT IS JESUS CHRIST ALONE!

Oh, not a thing at all will take
the place of Christ the Lord!
He is the Greatest Friend there is,
and NO PRICE could afford!
He is The Gift from God Himself!
He IS God, come as man.
Perfect is His every way,
and YOU'RE part of His Plan!

His ways are far above our own,
His ways are greater yet!
Out of the grip of His great palm,
one cannot ever get!
He is THE Lord and Savior!
He is ALL we ever need!
His ways are far superior,
and He WILL intercede!

Jesus, Jesus--Friend of mine,
but closer than the same!
He is enthroned in glory, yet
'relationship' we claim!
He looks out for me every minute
of this fleeting life!
He carries me through every valley,
lest there be any strife!

No!  Not a thing could ever take
the place of Christ the Lord!
Far as the east is from the west,
He's worshipped and adored!
O give Him glory, even now!
So very wealthy be the ones
that answer to His Call!

And that Call goes out to one and all!  Know your calling, friend of mine, and live your every moment in His Power to accomplish it!  THEREIN LIES TRUE AND ETERNAL VICTORY!
God bless you with HIS abundance!

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