Tuesday, February 14, 2023

My Valentine STILL!

Yes, after all these years, LOVE is still a daily staple in this home!  I can attribute that to God and His mercy...and Debby and her patience!

How many are the 'shades' of love

when two hearts are involved?
Each day to differ from the rest
as challenges are solved!
Regardless of what 'shade' it be,
if that love, it be true,
WHATEVER challenges arise,
that love, it will stay true!

Over 40 years have taught us that,
as we stay true to God,
and stay true to each other, 
no matter what, love will applaud!
It will guard and protect us from
the trials that arise,
and shield us from the enemy,
for 'evil' be his guise!!

Yea, as we pledge to always stay
together, come what may,
God, in His abundance, will
cause blessings come our way!
The greatest to be perfect peace,
and love that grows and grows,
and oh so many other gifts
that His hand bestows!

After 40 years, I see her
and I'm STILL in love!
It fits so perfect, like a hand
inside the perfect glove!
And God, Himself, He makes it happen
to two hearts, willing so
to love each other through ALL things
that ever come and go!

40 years.  Well, actually, almost 42 by now!  It was Easter vacation of 1981 when I got up the nerve to ask her out.  I KNEW, after that first date, that we would be together from then on...and GOD has seen to that!  Through ups-and-downs, 'for better or for worse,' here we are!  STILL TOGETHER!  What a blessing she is in my life each day!  WE ARE SO VERY BLESSED!

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