Tuesday, February 28, 2023

More Settled Truths!

I ran into a few folks today and had time to talk with them.  What I heard from them was quite painful, but some of it was downright untrue!  How do you convey that in such a way that reflects the love and care that you actually have for them?  AND THAT GOD HAS FOR THEM?!

I do not have the answers, God,
The more I try to reason, the more
peace I find in YOU!
Even when the most secure
is 'off' and 'puzzling,'
I can get alone with You
and 'balance' do You bring!
Lord, even in relationships
that, for, decades, have stood,
Your stability, oh Father,
keeps them whole and good!

BUT GOD, when that 'stability'
is challenged by mere life,
when 'peace' takes leave, and 'argument'
would overtake with strife,
how do we reset our 'compass'
to reflect Your peace?
That 'peace that passes understanding'
to us to release?

Here am I, o Mighty God,
such life is going on!
I cling to You as best I can
until the strife is gone!
Return to us Your Perfect Peace!
Oh, reinstall that joy
that is availed but nowhere else-
just You alone employ!

To them that are involved in my life that are feeling hopeless, helpless or even worthless, please know that GOD DOES NOT SEE YOU THAT WAY!  Such is a tool of the devil, and the enemy will attempt to ensnare as many as he can with that same lie!!

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