Saturday, February 11, 2023

More 'Food for Thought'

Relationships.  Customer service.  Communication.  Anything that involves interacting with other individuals.  Where did we go wrong?  Where has gone 'INTEGRITY?!

So many people come and go-
folks from all walks of life.
Everybody wants the same,
and nobody wants 'strife!'
Who does it appear then that
the angrier gets one,
so much more is the likelihood
that SOMETHING will get done?
I see it in relationships,
in businesses and such.
It seems that gone now are the days
that 'gentle' be the touch?
I see it so often, but quite
opposite SHOULD be the way!
PEACE should come with great rewards
here in the latter day!
But no!  The louder and the
angrier someone may become,
What they wanted all along
ends up to be their sum!?

Oh, many things here in the days
I'll never understand.
For THIS man, he has never been
one with a heavy hand!
But 'backward' so would be the times,
He told us in His Word.
Regardless, I'll remain myself
that HIS PRAISE be occurred!

In customer service for most of my life, I have seen the scenario where someone comes in cussing and yelling and the manager gives them whatever they want just to shut them up!  We are taught to 'please the customer whatever it takes.'  God help us!


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