Monday, February 27, 2023


Spring, that is!  Though it is still four weeks away, one can feel it and see signs of it all about!  That is, however, IF one is paying attention!

So barren are the branches, save
the many buds and birds!
Though the breezes are quite brisk,
I listen to the words!
They are rejoicing as the water
slowly exits here.
No one is complaining, as
the cold has been severe!
BUT NOT TODAY!  We sit out back
in able winds, so warm!
The chimes, they too are singing out
before the weekend's storm!
Already have I made secure
the feeders and the chimes
in preparation of whatever
nature pantomimes!

Those buds--they are so promising
as, in a month or two,
will be so many leaves abright
with every single hue!
So is the order He ordained
when He created each!
Into our 'inspiration' did He
make each one to reach!
And each to have its own mystique,
it's fingerprint, if you will.
It is the fingerprint of God
to captivate and thrill!

Yes, it's coming!  AND IT IS SO WELCOME, after the winter that we have had!  So very welcome will be life anew and warmer temps!  And it's ALL because Creator God NEVER stops creating!  WE ARE SO BLESSED!

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