Monday, February 13, 2023

In Front of the Job

The weekend is over.  Time to get back to 'the daily grind.'  Fortunately, for me, the 'daily grind' is something that I genuinely enjoy!  THAT, in itself, is a gift from God Himself!

I look out from my storefront through

the mighty, rolling doors.
I am so grateful folks choose mine
from all the many stores!
In the midst of caring for them,
I glance here and there.
For out those doors from whence they come
is beauty everywhere!

The sky--it is so very blue
beneath the glowing sun,
as seagulls swoop the parking lot,
stirring up some fun!
It must be boring at the lakes,
(as cold as it has been!)
They made the trip here into town
and migrate now and then.
From my parking lot into the next
then back in several days.
So fascinating watching them
and their silly ways!

But I must tend to many guests
who bless by coming in!
No telling what they're coming for,
but stock is not worn thin!
For I have what they want, we must
but tell them where it's at.
And, as for THAT part of the job,
well, I'm STILL learning THAT!

Yes, I am so very grateful that God blessed me with this job!  Working with employees and customers for hours at a time is something I truly enjoy!

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