Thursday, February 23, 2023

Hope and WORTH!

Statistics.  They are quite the tool when used in proper perspective.  However, there are 'fanatics' out there concerned only with them!  Not being one of those 'fanatics,' I did hear one the other day that is quite troubling!  It said that 57% of females and 40 % of all males feel 'worthless' or 'hopeless!'  Considering what Jesus Christ has done for each of us, THAT IS TROUBLING!

"When I cannot see light or hope,
I run, I run to YOU!
O Lord, I KNOW that I have worth,
and, in YOU, it is true!
You see and know the worth of me
when not another can-
regardless of the 'attitude'
of ANY mortal man!

In YOU, oh Lord, my worth is sealed,
and not a thing may touch!
You are the Source of endless hope,
as You love me so much!
There is no thing or person that
may snatch me from Your hand!
You are the ONLY One that can
COMPLETELY understand!

In You, alone, Lord Jesus Christ,
is life--abundant so!
Lord, every facet of my being
You completely know!
I run to You, therefore, so I
am, once again, complete,
while this world and its 'pleasantries'
would aimlessly compete!
I watch its antics here as You
embrace my very being!
If but it saw the foolishness
that You and I are seeing!!
My hope, my worth, my cost, oh Lord,
You settled long ago!
Oh Lord, my God, that awesome worth,
may they each come to know!!"

Wherever you are, whomever you are, YOU ARE WORTH GOD SENDING HIS OWN SON FOR!  Don't ever forget that!  Do not let THIS world or its many ways embezzle you out of this truth!  Ask Jesus Christ to be your Savior EVEN RIGHT NOW!

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