Friday, February 17, 2023

Faithful Source!

There is so much to depend upon in this life.  But just how 'faithful' are those sources?  I know ONE Source that will NEVER fail, and He is available for YOU, as well!  His Name is JESUS!

"Oh Lord, You are so good to us!
For there is none like You!
You take care of our every need,
(and some desires, too!)
We lack no thing at all as we
go through this life each day!
Because Your grace and favor, they
both freely come our way!

Even those things we have need of that
we know not of just yet,
You amazing favor makes sure
that, those things, we get!
Your generosity--it knows
a limit not at all!
Oh, so very fortunate are we
who answer to Your Call!

Yea, Lord, your generosity,
it knows no bounds at all!
For God, You are the Owner of
man's total wherewithal!
When will the lost and seeking yield
unto Your open hand?!
For then Your precious giving, they
will freely understand!

So giving and so loving,
so caring and so true!
My Lord and God, forever will
this man depend on You!"

This world has so many options of dependance.  They are NOTHING AT ALL like depending on God!  For He alone can provide for any and all needs that are or will arise!

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