Friday, February 17, 2023

Effort to Relax

A day off.  FINALLY!  I know exactly what I want to do and where to go to do it!  It takes minor effort on our part to take advantage of these moments that God provides.  The sad part is, I know TOO MANY people who won't do it...even if they have the time!

The weather draws me out of the
metropolis once more,
to where majestic eagles and
the bravest hawks, they soar!
All the duties that were due
were done with great success!
Now, I escape unto a place
where God will greatly bless!
And that is done here in the hills,
above the waters rushing!
That precious noise is constant, making
other sounds be hushing!
It causes life to be relaxed,
absent from 'the hurry;'
also absent from the reasons
for a heart to 'worry!'
Exactly what is necessary
in the days that are.
And time with Him in His creation
goes so very far!

It seems, each time we leave the house,
it's always 'in a hurry!'
Give thanks to God!  For He makes places
where there's no cause to 'scurry!'
Just moments to enjoy 'creation'
with no constraints on 'time!
Only time for to enjoy
panorama--so sublime!

There are quite a few places for such an escape here in this area!  And they are usually only a matter of minutes away!  It is completely up to us to set aside those 'minutes' to rejuvenate, relax and recharge!  God Most High is already there waiting for us!


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