Saturday, February 25, 2023

Careful What You Trust!!

As the world watches the gross atrocities being inflicted upon the people of the Ukraine, we stand firm with them and pray!  As I see and hear the actions of President Zelenskyy, I see courage, integrity and faith!  I do not often write 'political' verse, but this is what Holy Spirit laid upon my heart...

The greater power in the fight

not always has the greatest might!
'The underdog' we've often seen
is oft more cunning on the scene!
Open your eyes!  Open your mind!
Surprises you will ALWAYS find!
The lesser power has more drive
to motivate and to survive!

"'Strike me down with your 'skill and might...'
Destroy my land with all your tools!
MY RESOLVE outweighs your 'rules!'
And I KNOW that the God I love,
He fits me better than a glove!
And when you feel there's no more trace,
we'll multiply due to His grace!
And soon you'll come to realize
you're just like we are in HIS eyes!
And, through the rubble that you cause,
we press on...this is just a 'pause.'
In our progress, we'll rebuild!
For we are focused!  We are skilled!

For you may be 'a force of power.'
BUT GOD has set aside your hour!
And you will truly come to know
'belief' is more than you can grow!
And 'heart' is greater than your 'power!'
For, at GOD'S timing, you will cower,
begging for His mercy then
for what you've done to land and men!

For God's aware of EVERYTHING!
And that 'power' to which you dearly cling,
in but a flash, it will be gone!!
What, then, will you have to stand upon?!"

We stand with you, people of Ukraine!  We pray for you daily.  We see your resolve and resolution as you battle the forces of evil and ignorance!  GOD BLESS YOU!

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