Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Being Observant

In our busyness of 'business,' a lot goes on around us if we do not stay aware!  Unfortunately, some of that which goes on is quite painful...and it is 'outright ignored' by too many!

There is a person over there,
he's sitting all alone,
kicking at the sidewalk while
he's staring at a phone!
He's been there most of the morning.
I saw him as I came in.
Do I reach out as Jesus would?
Or just 'mind myself' again?

I cannot wait!  I must go see
if that man is o.k.
It's almost noon.  I will make time
to figure out his way.
I tell my secretary I
will be back in a few.
She smiles back.  Kinda knowing 
what I'm going to do.

"What is going on, my friend?
What a wonderful day!"
"Yea, it's wonderful for MOST,
If life is going YOUR way!
But it's a struggle for some of us.
You wouldn't understand!
You have a fancy suit and a 
nice ring upon your hand!!
You probably got a steady job,
a wife and family!
How can YOU relate to struggles
like those such as WE?!"

"Now wait a minute, brother!  Life's
not ALWAYS been this way!
I had my years making money 
hustling pool in the day!
I went through depression and
I tried to take my life!
Thank God I failed the latter,
it just added to the strife!"

Finally, he looked at me.
"Richard?!  Is that YOU, my friend?!"
Oh, this is way too cool!!
Come on up into my office.
There, you can get warm.
Besides, at any moment now,
there's supposed to be a storm!"

We never know what someone is going through fully.  I followed God's nudge that day and found a high school friend from the last century!  We were able to get him some clothing and cash and, the last I heard, he was housed and employed as a technical director of electronics at a major church!  God's ways are so far above and beyond ours!  All we must do is be OBEDIENT!  That usually means MAKING time to reach out.  Are YOU capable of that?

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