Sunday, February 5, 2023

A 'Concept' Too 'Old- Fashioned?'

The days and times in which we live.  Man, have they changed from the days that Jesus walked the earth?!  And the GIFT that God gave us from the beginning--MARRIAGE!  Where has ITS reverence gone?!?!  

Why is there less 'priority'
in 'marriage,' in this day?
It seems 'Until death do us part'
has been set by the way!
'Commitment,' it is such a scary
concept unto some.
Will it regain its reverence
before The Lord is come?

'Just move in with me.  We can live
together for awhile.
If it doesn't work out, we can split...'
THAT seems to be 'in style!'
'If we have a child, who cares?
We can go on with life!
At least we won't be 'bound' by time
as husband and as wife!'

And gone be 'We are one!'
And 'commitment for a lifetime...'
Surely, it is done!
More important be the 'freedom'
and that we 'have fun?'
ALL such thinking and such living
God will truly shun!!

For He created 'marriage' as
a gift for her and him,
to be enjoyed but every moment
by all Three of Them!
Not just an 'ancient ritual'
that two in love go through,
but a living GIFT so treasured
by ONE made out of TWO! 

Yes, marriage.  Has it become a mere disposable commodity?  Some people don't even bother with it anymore!!  How painful!  Or am I just an old-fashioned, old man?  A 'holy-roller!'  Be it known that after 42 years of ups-and-downs with the SAME woman, we are STILL very much in love, and I thank God for her each day!!  WHAT A GIFT SHE IS!

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