Tuesday, February 28, 2023

More Settled Truths!

I ran into a few folks today and had time to talk with them.  What I heard from them was quite painful, but some of it was downright untrue!  How do you convey that in such a way that reflects the love and care that you actually have for them?  AND THAT GOD HAS FOR THEM?!

I do not have the answers, God,
The more I try to reason, the more
peace I find in YOU!
Even when the most secure
is 'off' and 'puzzling,'
I can get alone with You
and 'balance' do You bring!
Lord, even in relationships
that, for, decades, have stood,
Your stability, oh Father,
keeps them whole and good!

BUT GOD, when that 'stability'
is challenged by mere life,
when 'peace' takes leave, and 'argument'
would overtake with strife,
how do we reset our 'compass'
to reflect Your peace?
That 'peace that passes understanding'
to us to release?

Here am I, o Mighty God,
such life is going on!
I cling to You as best I can
until the strife is gone!
Return to us Your Perfect Peace!
Oh, reinstall that joy
that is availed but nowhere else-
just You alone employ!

To them that are involved in my life that are feeling hopeless, helpless or even worthless, please know that GOD DOES NOT SEE YOU THAT WAY!  Such is a tool of the devil, and the enemy will attempt to ensnare as many as he can with that same lie!!

Monday, February 27, 2023


Spring, that is!  Though it is still four weeks away, one can feel it and see signs of it all about!  That is, however, IF one is paying attention!

So barren are the branches, save
the many buds and birds!
Though the breezes are quite brisk,
I listen to the words!
They are rejoicing as the water
slowly exits here.
No one is complaining, as
the cold has been severe!
BUT NOT TODAY!  We sit out back
in able winds, so warm!
The chimes, they too are singing out
before the weekend's storm!
Already have I made secure
the feeders and the chimes
in preparation of whatever
nature pantomimes!

Those buds--they are so promising
as, in a month or two,
will be so many leaves abright
with every single hue!
So is the order He ordained
when He created each!
Into our 'inspiration' did He
make each one to reach!
And each to have its own mystique,
it's fingerprint, if you will.
It is the fingerprint of God
to captivate and thrill!

Yes, it's coming!  AND IT IS SO WELCOME, after the winter that we have had!  So very welcome will be life anew and warmer temps!  And it's ALL because Creator God NEVER stops creating!  WE ARE SO BLESSED!

Sunday, February 26, 2023


So many folks are so busy with so many things!  "Ministry" often then gets overlooked...even though, at times, it is right before our eyes!

"You walked right past me on your way

to church on Sunday morning.
Was it my appearance and my 'smell'
that sent to you a 'warning?'
For that same Jesus that You know,
He visits me each day,
making sure I'm alive and meeting
my needs for the day!

Has He put me here to be a 'test'
of where your heart is at?
He took me in with open arms,
you just drove by and spat!
And then you sit in service wondering
why you are not 'blessed!?'
Retrace your steps, my brother friend,
you failed the simplest test!"

Who can know the 'where' or 'how'
The Lord will come beside?
The greatest thing that we can do
All throughout our every day
be opportunity
to be His hand extended in
the world in which we be!
But be ye wary--opportunities
sometimes He'll mask,
and it calls on our empathy
to recognize the task!

For we are with folks all the day,
and Jesus is with THEM!
We must be on the lookout for
those reaching for His hem!

Yes, so many opportunities all day long to be of service to Jesus!  Sometimes, that 'service' isn't very pretty.  Sometimes, it stinks!  It IS, however, service FOR Him and it is expected of each of us!  STOP LETTING IT PASS BY!

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Careful What You Trust!!

As the world watches the gross atrocities being inflicted upon the people of the Ukraine, we stand firm with them and pray!  As I see and hear the actions of President Zelenskyy, I see courage, integrity and faith!  I do not often write 'political' verse, but this is what Holy Spirit laid upon my heart...

The greater power in the fight

not always has the greatest might!
'The underdog' we've often seen
is oft more cunning on the scene!
Open your eyes!  Open your mind!
Surprises you will ALWAYS find!
The lesser power has more drive
to motivate and to survive!

"'Strike me down with your 'skill and might...'
Destroy my land with all your tools!
MY RESOLVE outweighs your 'rules!'
And I KNOW that the God I love,
He fits me better than a glove!
And when you feel there's no more trace,
we'll multiply due to His grace!
And soon you'll come to realize
you're just like we are in HIS eyes!
And, through the rubble that you cause,
we press on...this is just a 'pause.'
In our progress, we'll rebuild!
For we are focused!  We are skilled!

For you may be 'a force of power.'
BUT GOD has set aside your hour!
And you will truly come to know
'belief' is more than you can grow!
And 'heart' is greater than your 'power!'
For, at GOD'S timing, you will cower,
begging for His mercy then
for what you've done to land and men!

For God's aware of EVERYTHING!
And that 'power' to which you dearly cling,
in but a flash, it will be gone!!
What, then, will you have to stand upon?!"

We stand with you, people of Ukraine!  We pray for you daily.  We see your resolve and resolution as you battle the forces of evil and ignorance!  GOD BLESS YOU!


Be joyful, my friend!  You have the freedom in Jesus Christ to do so!  Sure, LIFE hands us situations that may affect that joy!  Shoot!  if LIFE had its way, there would be no joy at all!  BUT GOD is greater than THIS LIFE!  Thus, He provides a way of escape...whenever we need! 

There is joy that has not got an end

in Him Who is our Hope!
When it seems that 'life' we must 'defend,'
with HIS victory we cope!
But 'cope' not only!  We excel
in ALL that we must face!
The 'speed of life,' no matter what-
it's GOD Who sets the pace!

For man may THINK he has control
of what is said and done;
even EDIFYING himself
to say 'I'M NUMBER ONE!'
BUT GOD, He saw THIS moment, even
prior to ALL living,
and treatment that is apropos,
forever, He is giving!
Said treatment, it includes so much
that we can fathom not!
If we but just avail ourselves,
THE REST, the Lord has got!
And He will so restore that joy
that 'life' cannot affect!
And, in HIS joy, we shall reside
where 'life' cannot infect!

Yes, Heaven--it is timeless, and
we SHALL attend That Place
by KNOWING 'that joy' by partaking
of His saving grace!

Yes, my friend, there IS joy!  Whomever you are, whatever you've done, whatever you may be going through, THAT JOY is available for YOU!  You must only tap into it!

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Hope and WORTH!

Statistics.  They are quite the tool when used in proper perspective.  However, there are 'fanatics' out there concerned only with them!  Not being one of those 'fanatics,' I did hear one the other day that is quite troubling!  It said that 57% of females and 40 % of all males feel 'worthless' or 'hopeless!'  Considering what Jesus Christ has done for each of us, THAT IS TROUBLING!

"When I cannot see light or hope,
I run, I run to YOU!
O Lord, I KNOW that I have worth,
and, in YOU, it is true!
You see and know the worth of me
when not another can-
regardless of the 'attitude'
of ANY mortal man!

In YOU, oh Lord, my worth is sealed,
and not a thing may touch!
You are the Source of endless hope,
as You love me so much!
There is no thing or person that
may snatch me from Your hand!
You are the ONLY One that can
COMPLETELY understand!

In You, alone, Lord Jesus Christ,
is life--abundant so!
Lord, every facet of my being
You completely know!
I run to You, therefore, so I
am, once again, complete,
while this world and its 'pleasantries'
would aimlessly compete!
I watch its antics here as You
embrace my very being!
If but it saw the foolishness
that You and I are seeing!!
My hope, my worth, my cost, oh Lord,
You settled long ago!
Oh Lord, my God, that awesome worth,
may they each come to know!!"

Wherever you are, whomever you are, YOU ARE WORTH GOD SENDING HIS OWN SON FOR!  Don't ever forget that!  Do not let THIS world or its many ways embezzle you out of this truth!  Ask Jesus Christ to be your Savior EVEN RIGHT NOW!


The day away from paid labor.  I know a lot of folks who try to fill days like this with as much as they can while they are home.  We must MAKE AN EFFORT to change that!

The orchestra resounds today!
Is springtime in the air?
Finally, the little squirrels
seem to be everywhere!
They're all about the acres,
flipping lids, reminding me
it's time to feed them once again
at the feeder on each tree!

Perhaps that's why the birds sing out
as they see me outside?
They know that I store tight the goods
that keep them satisfied!
As I get to the squirrels first,
the volume does increase!
Until I get THEIR feeders hung,
their voices will not cease!

And now, I can sit back.  Relax,
as nature entertains!
Them that make the time for this,
so great to be their gains!
For God has purpose for THIS time-
and, also, restorations
from the duties of the day
and all of its relations!

Yes, wonderful, these moments--oh
so valuable, so real!
So very much is to be found
that nature would conceal!
But this requires TIME ON PURPOSE,
spent outside with Him!
Who, amongst the masses will
belong, belong in them?

Time--ON PURPOSE!  Yes, it takes effort to do everything we do each day.  That includes RELAXING!  For some, that is quite challenging!  However, I promise you, SUCH TIME comes with great reward!  EVERY TIME!

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

That Lonely Man!

There is a new occupant in the house down the street.  I went down to introduce myself and offer our assistance if he needed anything.
He replied "THE LAST THING I WANT IS ANYONE COMING AROUND MY HOUSE AND TALKING TO ME!" and slammed the door.  Well...OK!  If we see him when we leave to go to town we wave at him.  No response.  He doesn't even look!  Hmm...

How miserable must be the life
of those refusing 'friends!'
And how does one who TRULY cares,
somehow make amends?!
I yell "Hello!" to my neighbor--
no response at all!
Say, how does one reach out to him,
fulfilling Jesus' Call?

"I bought this house to get away
from drama!"
  He told me
last year when he moved here from
a big community.
Since then, he hasn't smiled, laughed
or waved at anyone!
A very lonely place it is
when 'fellowship' is DONE!

But I pray for this man every day.
For God can help him overcome
as HIS LOVE supersedes!
And God can break through that 'tough' shell
that seems to shield his heart!
And God can even cause a friendship
with that man to start!
Whatever he has been through, what
has happened to his heart,
the love of God can so repair,
a newness to impart!
However, one must be open to
the moving of His Spirit
for that "breakthrough" to take place,
and folks allowed be near it!

We all have crosses to bear.  I cannot help you bear yours and help you overcome if you don't want me or anyone else to.  Again, a life lived thusly is so lonesome.  If that is you, let someone in!  God placed us here for one another!

Monday, February 20, 2023

That Massive Tree!!

Aaah...what a glorious day!  Just MAKE time to look around and notice the awe and spectacle of it!  Trust me, it is closer than you think...

Across the street, a sentinel

that's stood for centuries!
It shades the land around about
and whispers to the breeze!
Today, however, it provides
a playground for the birds,
and makes the pen inside my hand
to generate great words!

And God, the Maker of that tree
across the street to stand,
He cares for it; to nourishes it
and make it wholly grand.
The squirrels also use it for
their home and recreation.
How many centuries have seen
this marvelous creation?
And how many yet appreciate
the beauty of it all?
The leaves, they come each year, and they
change color in the fall!
One must put and effort into
noticing His touch.
Surely, there are MAJOR things,
but 'subtleties' are much!

Across the street...behind the house...
each way the eye is cast,
proofs of Father's touches, oh,
but surely are amassed!
And wealthier be them investing
time to seek them out!
O, be amongst the wealthy, ye,
and be ye not without!!

A majestic oak tree.  Driven by thousands of times a year, but noticed and appreciated by how many?  MAKE time, my fellow man, to notice these wonderful creations!  For too many people are 'clearing them out because they are in the way and we MUST develop that land!'

Saturday, February 18, 2023


"Just another day on the job..."  NEVER!  Not with the folks that I work for!  For they have me going all over the world as their "Captain!"

The flight plan calls for 7 hours--
Though 'they' call this a 'business trip,'
the stress for me is zed!
This time, I get to take my wife
in the co-pilot seat!
FINALLY, the folks that I
grew up with she can meet!
Business before pleasure, though,
I must do my pre-flight check.
Walking around this little jet,
each space do I inspect!
Once inside, I check the gear
and go through my routine.
I want to make sure ALL things work
on this costly machine!

Everything checks out alright.
I call "All systems go!"
My employer and his friends
suddenly start to show.
They know my wife already, so
we pack the stuff they've got.
With everybody comfortable,
we taxi to the spot.

Before we get permission from
the tower to go our way,
I tell my crew and guests that I
must pause so we can pray.
For we NEED God on EVERY flight!
And so they join right in.
Then off we go, over the sea
to that island where I've been!

It's not every day that I get to take my wife to 'work' with me, but she was allowed to come this time.  And I cannot wait to show her around where I spent several years of my childhood in the last century!


Friday, February 17, 2023

Effort to Relax

A day off.  FINALLY!  I know exactly what I want to do and where to go to do it!  It takes minor effort on our part to take advantage of these moments that God provides.  The sad part is, I know TOO MANY people who won't do it...even if they have the time!

The weather draws me out of the
metropolis once more,
to where majestic eagles and
the bravest hawks, they soar!
All the duties that were due
were done with great success!
Now, I escape unto a place
where God will greatly bless!
And that is done here in the hills,
above the waters rushing!
That precious noise is constant, making
other sounds be hushing!
It causes life to be relaxed,
absent from 'the hurry;'
also absent from the reasons
for a heart to 'worry!'
Exactly what is necessary
in the days that are.
And time with Him in His creation
goes so very far!

It seems, each time we leave the house,
it's always 'in a hurry!'
Give thanks to God!  For He makes places
where there's no cause to 'scurry!'
Just moments to enjoy 'creation'
with no constraints on 'time!
Only time for to enjoy
panorama--so sublime!

There are quite a few places for such an escape here in this area!  And they are usually only a matter of minutes away!  It is completely up to us to set aside those 'minutes' to rejuvenate, relax and recharge!  God Most High is already there waiting for us!


Faithful Source!

There is so much to depend upon in this life.  But just how 'faithful' are those sources?  I know ONE Source that will NEVER fail, and He is available for YOU, as well!  His Name is JESUS!

"Oh Lord, You are so good to us!
For there is none like You!
You take care of our every need,
(and some desires, too!)
We lack no thing at all as we
go through this life each day!
Because Your grace and favor, they
both freely come our way!

Even those things we have need of that
we know not of just yet,
You amazing favor makes sure
that, those things, we get!
Your generosity--it knows
a limit not at all!
Oh, so very fortunate are we
who answer to Your Call!

Yea, Lord, your generosity,
it knows no bounds at all!
For God, You are the Owner of
man's total wherewithal!
When will the lost and seeking yield
unto Your open hand?!
For then Your precious giving, they
will freely understand!

So giving and so loving,
so caring and so true!
My Lord and God, forever will
this man depend on You!"

This world has so many options of dependance.  They are NOTHING AT ALL like depending on God!  For He alone can provide for any and all needs that are or will arise!

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Nothing is 'Predictable!'

Unseasonal...AGAIN!  Two days ago we were enjoying shorts and 70 degree weather!  Yesterday, it started cooling off and clouding up.  Last night, THE DOGS woke us up to tornado sirens going off!  We spent a few hours huddled together in the center hallway of the house until we heared the "All Clear" siren.  This morning's news was showing the damage around the area.  We were VERY fortunate...AND BLESSED!  Thank God for that 'sense' that animals have!

Paradise was wonderful

with 70's and sun!
Last night, however, sirens and
we were under the gun!
Lightning struck...thunder roared...
winds blew 'round and 'round!
Waking up this morning, though,
'round here, it's safe and sound!
I'm grateful that God took His hand
and covered up our place.
I see the morning news, however,
and some escaped said grace!
Desolation and destruction
from what did arrive!
However, they have lived to tell.
Through God, they're still alive!

His Word declares "It rains upon
the just and the unjust."
And disaster even strikes the ones
that, in Him, fully trust!
All that we can do is press on
through each element,
trusting God, clinging to Him
through ALL inclement!

Yes, paradise was wonderful,
in that Perfect Place where we
will live eternally!
Until that Trumpet Blast, however,
we press on with hope,
KNOWING that, whatever comes,
our God will help us cope!

We've only got a few branches scattered across the property, while only minutes from here folks have complete trees uprooted!!  We are no better than they are.  They are no worse than we are!  And the elements will have their way no matter WHO we are or WHOSE we are!!  All we can do is bind together and help one another through it all!

Wednesday, February 15, 2023


As busy as this life gets at times...as 'complicated' as some situations in life are...as UNFAIR as this world can be to us...there is better, there is more, and Jesus Christ provides it...IF you let Him!  Don't go another day without Him, my friend!

So high up in the Heavenlies

There's so much going on!
All stresses and all worries,
in That Place, they are all gone!
Rather, there are celebrations
that have not an end!
And when we hear that Trumpet Blast,
His Chosen will descend!

We will join the King of Kings
forever 'round His throne!
Everything that we've 'endured'
in life will be unknown!
Perfection we will come to know,
provided by The Lord--
Him Who's perfect, holy, righteous,
loving and adored!

We go through 'things' now in this life
so we will be prepared
to reside forever in
a Place that's not compared!
Jesus will escort us in
that Perfect Place awaiting,
revealing to us everything
we've been anticipating!

"COME QUICKLY!!!" we cry out, as we 
press on until That Day,
Knowing He directs our steps
but all along the way!
"Life" to vary for us each,
BUT GOD remains the same!

This life is NOT the end, my friend!  However, you MUST know Jesus Christ as your Savior to know the Heaven that He has prepared!  Call me 'intolerant,' but those are HIS rules, not mine!  and HE is NOT complicated or intolerant!  He waits for your heart-cry with open arms!

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

My Valentine STILL!

Yes, after all these years, LOVE is still a daily staple in this home!  I can attribute that to God and His mercy...and Debby and her patience!

How many are the 'shades' of love

when two hearts are involved?
Each day to differ from the rest
as challenges are solved!
Regardless of what 'shade' it be,
if that love, it be true,
WHATEVER challenges arise,
that love, it will stay true!

Over 40 years have taught us that,
as we stay true to God,
and stay true to each other, 
no matter what, love will applaud!
It will guard and protect us from
the trials that arise,
and shield us from the enemy,
for 'evil' be his guise!!

Yea, as we pledge to always stay
together, come what may,
God, in His abundance, will
cause blessings come our way!
The greatest to be perfect peace,
and love that grows and grows,
and oh so many other gifts
that His hand bestows!

After 40 years, I see her
and I'm STILL in love!
It fits so perfect, like a hand
inside the perfect glove!
And God, Himself, He makes it happen
to two hearts, willing so
to love each other through ALL things
that ever come and go!

40 years.  Well, actually, almost 42 by now!  It was Easter vacation of 1981 when I got up the nerve to ask her out.  I KNEW, after that first date, that we would be together from then on...and GOD has seen to that!  Through ups-and-downs, 'for better or for worse,' here we are!  STILL TOGETHER!  What a blessing she is in my life each day!  WE ARE SO VERY BLESSED!

Monday, February 13, 2023

In Front of the Job

The weekend is over.  Time to get back to 'the daily grind.'  Fortunately, for me, the 'daily grind' is something that I genuinely enjoy!  THAT, in itself, is a gift from God Himself!

I look out from my storefront through

the mighty, rolling doors.
I am so grateful folks choose mine
from all the many stores!
In the midst of caring for them,
I glance here and there.
For out those doors from whence they come
is beauty everywhere!

The sky--it is so very blue
beneath the glowing sun,
as seagulls swoop the parking lot,
stirring up some fun!
It must be boring at the lakes,
(as cold as it has been!)
They made the trip here into town
and migrate now and then.
From my parking lot into the next
then back in several days.
So fascinating watching them
and their silly ways!

But I must tend to many guests
who bless by coming in!
No telling what they're coming for,
but stock is not worn thin!
For I have what they want, we must
but tell them where it's at.
And, as for THAT part of the job,
well, I'm STILL learning THAT!

Yes, I am so very grateful that God blessed me with this job!  Working with employees and customers for hours at a time is something I truly enjoy!

Saturday, February 11, 2023

More 'Food for Thought'

Relationships.  Customer service.  Communication.  Anything that involves interacting with other individuals.  Where did we go wrong?  Where has gone 'INTEGRITY?!

So many people come and go-
folks from all walks of life.
Everybody wants the same,
and nobody wants 'strife!'
Who does it appear then that
the angrier gets one,
so much more is the likelihood
that SOMETHING will get done?
I see it in relationships,
in businesses and such.
It seems that gone now are the days
that 'gentle' be the touch?
I see it so often, but quite
opposite SHOULD be the way!
PEACE should come with great rewards
here in the latter day!
But no!  The louder and the
angrier someone may become,
What they wanted all along
ends up to be their sum!?

Oh, many things here in the days
I'll never understand.
For THIS man, he has never been
one with a heavy hand!
But 'backward' so would be the times,
He told us in His Word.
Regardless, I'll remain myself
that HIS PRAISE be occurred!

In customer service for most of my life, I have seen the scenario where someone comes in cussing and yelling and the manager gives them whatever they want just to shut them up!  We are taught to 'please the customer whatever it takes.'  God help us!


Friday, February 10, 2023


Finished up now with what was necessary.  Now, from this hillside, I watch and wait for that which has been forecasted and I KNOW is coming...

Upon a craggy hill looking out,

out into the gray.
The sun is absent 'til this winter
storm has had its way!
I must get done in town before
the weather overtakes,
then get back home to hunker down,
and watch what winter makes!
A day off from the Depot and
the duties I have there.
I'm glad I'm off, as the
elements are everywhere!

But there is rain that's happening
that so few know about:
that rain takes place inside the hearts
of them that are without!
And such as those are all about us-
we must be aware,
loving them, embracing them,
proving that we care!

All sorts of weather happens in
the people that we know.
Those of us that may seem 'stable'
through the same things go!
BUT GOD, the Master Stabilizer,
cares for ALL of us,
and sees us through all kinds of 'weather,'
that there be no 'fuss!'

Jesus Christ Himself saves us so that we can be His hands, His feet and His heart here in a world that is often quite stormy!  Afterwards, however, He gives us the wise to the type of day it will be and plan accordingly!  He does so, so that He can continue to use us for HIS good pleasure!

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Being Observant

In our busyness of 'business,' a lot goes on around us if we do not stay aware!  Unfortunately, some of that which goes on is quite painful...and it is 'outright ignored' by too many!

There is a person over there,
he's sitting all alone,
kicking at the sidewalk while
he's staring at a phone!
He's been there most of the morning.
I saw him as I came in.
Do I reach out as Jesus would?
Or just 'mind myself' again?

I cannot wait!  I must go see
if that man is o.k.
It's almost noon.  I will make time
to figure out his way.
I tell my secretary I
will be back in a few.
She smiles back.  Kinda knowing 
what I'm going to do.

"What is going on, my friend?
What a wonderful day!"
"Yea, it's wonderful for MOST,
If life is going YOUR way!
But it's a struggle for some of us.
You wouldn't understand!
You have a fancy suit and a 
nice ring upon your hand!!
You probably got a steady job,
a wife and family!
How can YOU relate to struggles
like those such as WE?!"

"Now wait a minute, brother!  Life's
not ALWAYS been this way!
I had my years making money 
hustling pool in the day!
I went through depression and
I tried to take my life!
Thank God I failed the latter,
it just added to the strife!"

Finally, he looked at me.
"Richard?!  Is that YOU, my friend?!"
Oh, this is way too cool!!
Come on up into my office.
There, you can get warm.
Besides, at any moment now,
there's supposed to be a storm!"

We never know what someone is going through fully.  I followed God's nudge that day and found a high school friend from the last century!  We were able to get him some clothing and cash and, the last I heard, he was housed and employed as a technical director of electronics at a major church!  God's ways are so far above and beyond ours!  All we must do is be OBEDIENT!  That usually means MAKING time to reach out.  Are YOU capable of that?

The Fulness of Jesus!

This world and this life require so much from each of us.  HOWEVER, Jesus Christ fulfills all of that when you turn it over to Him!

"My Lord, You are my Everything!

My health...my strength...my heart!
I know that, through the end of time,
You never will depart!
Wherever life may take this man
Your Spirit will prepare,
and I'll have opportunity,
Your perfect love, to share!

So unknown be the days that are,
but fully known to You!
Though life may have its way with us,
Lord Jesus, You stay true!
Not ever can we fully know
the time that is to be,
but this we know without a doubt:

Oh Lord, my Lord, far and above
this life and all its ways!
And yet, Lord, You are so involved
with us and all our days!
You are so perfect!  All that You
create is glorious!
And You share it with everyone!
So very generous!

My Lord, You are my everything!
Your love can't be surpassed!
Oh, the blessings from Your hand
so quickly are amassed.
The same to be distributed
that You be known abroad.
I come with adoration, Lord,
Your fulness to applaud!"

The fulness of Jesus is ALL You will ever require in this life!  He is the question and the Answer.  The beginning and the end.  Whoever you are, whatever you are doing, wherever you go, JESUS CHRIST IS ALREADY THERE and has all things prepared!  How perfect and wonderful it is to 'belong' to Him!

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Time Thief!

I promise you, as hard as you try not to let it, this world will devour your time!  Even when you are going about 'doing good,' there is NO substitute for devoting time to be in His Presence!

PRAISE GOD!  All great and awesome things-
they flow out of His hand!
They find their way into our lives
in ways none understand!
For HE is THE Provider of
all things that bring us joy!
No thing at all will hinder this-
no stress, event or ploy!

Praise God--for He is worthy!  He is 
great and mighty, too!
You are so blessed abundantly,
and highly favored, too!
You are the 'apple of His eye'
in spite of what you've heard,
and You're in His protective arms
in spite of what's occurred!

Yes, praise God morning, noon or night,
at ANY time at all!
He's ready and available
whenever you may call!
And faithful, He is to respond
unto your precious voice!
He does as He DESIRES to,
not 'obligated' choice!

Oh, praise Him, worship Him, exalt Him-
in spite of daily life!
For He is hindered not a bit
by ecstasy or strife!
For He responds from faithfulness
unto those in His love!
Call on Him ever-constantly
and you'll have place Above!

Ah, my friend, there is so much going on and so many things to keep us busy and AWAY from Him!  DON'T FALL FOR IT!  For THIS world and all that's happening can wait until you WAIT upon God!  As you do, He will see to it that you are well rewarded in this life AND the next!


Monday, February 6, 2023

'Show me to be faithful, Lord!'

That should be the prayer of every one of us each time we walk out our front door!  For beyond there awaits a very unknown world full of folks with needs.  Will YOU be there for them?

After hours at the store,

meeting peoples' needs.
Hearing all the quandaries...
this servant, he now cedes
unto a place that's quieter
and busy not at all,
back to that mountain getaway--
no stresses come to call!

And on this cloudy afternoon
there is an able breeze
tickling the chimes that sway
with the mighty trees.
The squirrels tease the dogs below
by jumping limb-to-limb;
and I unwind amidst it all
as I converse with Him.

I saw so many people and
I spoke with quite a few.
They know that I am tight with God,
and share their needs anew.
Most know I will not be there unless
God enables me!
Therefore, someone they can trust,
they very clearly see!

"Thank You, Father, that I'm able
to be used this way!
They know that they can tell me something
and, for them, I will pray!
And they know someone will listen
any time at all!
Oh, what a blessed privilege
to contain Your Call!"

Some folks go to a job.  This man goes to a 'ministry' each day!  What a blessing!  Wherever I find employment, whatever I set my hand to do, God sees to it that He is visible enough IN me that these folks reach out!  Can they do that to you where you are?  I sure hope so!

Sunday, February 5, 2023

A 'Concept' Too 'Old- Fashioned?'

The days and times in which we live.  Man, have they changed from the days that Jesus walked the earth?!  And the GIFT that God gave us from the beginning--MARRIAGE!  Where has ITS reverence gone?!?!  

Why is there less 'priority'
in 'marriage,' in this day?
It seems 'Until death do us part'
has been set by the way!
'Commitment,' it is such a scary
concept unto some.
Will it regain its reverence
before The Lord is come?

'Just move in with me.  We can live
together for awhile.
If it doesn't work out, we can split...'
THAT seems to be 'in style!'
'If we have a child, who cares?
We can go on with life!
At least we won't be 'bound' by time
as husband and as wife!'

And gone be 'We are one!'
And 'commitment for a lifetime...'
Surely, it is done!
More important be the 'freedom'
and that we 'have fun?'
ALL such thinking and such living
God will truly shun!!

For He created 'marriage' as
a gift for her and him,
to be enjoyed but every moment
by all Three of Them!
Not just an 'ancient ritual'
that two in love go through,
but a living GIFT so treasured
by ONE made out of TWO! 

Yes, marriage.  Has it become a mere disposable commodity?  Some people don't even bother with it anymore!!  How painful!  Or am I just an old-fashioned, old man?  A 'holy-roller!'  Be it known that after 42 years of ups-and-downs with the SAME woman, we are STILL very much in love, and I thank God for her each day!!  WHAT A GIFT SHE IS!

Saturday, February 4, 2023

NOTHING else even comes close!!

Yes, in Jesus Christ alone are you secure!  In Jesus Christ ONLY!  And there NOTHING known to man to take His place or even come close!  Yet man, in all of his 'busyness,' would seek out other avenues to do such.  That is and ever will be fruitless!  IT IS JESUS CHRIST ALONE!

Oh, not a thing at all will take
the place of Christ the Lord!
He is the Greatest Friend there is,
and NO PRICE could afford!
He is The Gift from God Himself!
He IS God, come as man.
Perfect is His every way,
and YOU'RE part of His Plan!

His ways are far above our own,
His ways are greater yet!
Out of the grip of His great palm,
one cannot ever get!
He is THE Lord and Savior!
He is ALL we ever need!
His ways are far superior,
and He WILL intercede!

Jesus, Jesus--Friend of mine,
but closer than the same!
He is enthroned in glory, yet
'relationship' we claim!
He looks out for me every minute
of this fleeting life!
He carries me through every valley,
lest there be any strife!

No!  Not a thing could ever take
the place of Christ the Lord!
Far as the east is from the west,
He's worshipped and adored!
O give Him glory, even now!
So very wealthy be the ones
that answer to His Call!

And that Call goes out to one and all!  Know your calling, friend of mine, and live your every moment in His Power to accomplish it!  THEREIN LIES TRUE AND ETERNAL VICTORY!
God bless you with HIS abundance!

Will YOU obey?

The call of God.  If you are 'born-again,' then that Call is inside of you.  That entails quite a bit of responsibility!  We reap what we sow.  We cannot outgive God.  And, surely, He will repay you for EVERYTHING that you expend carrying out His Call!

The sunshine on the snowline,
so brilliant and so bright!
Across the meadows and the hills
the vision takes delight!
I take it in as I receive
instruction for the day
from The Creator of it all:
The Truth, The Life, The way!

He makes me wary of some folks
that have some pressing needs,
reminding me that I am one
of them that intercedes!
He gives to me the tools and funds
that may change a life-
a helping hand unto those folks,
thus, lessening their strife.
A lot would cry out 'That's the duty
of the church THEY know!"
But God remains "WE are The Church!"
And asks us "Who will go?"
Well, I'M the one who's made aware,
that they confided in,
therefore, it's up to ME to go,
as privy I have been!
But this I know: I do not go
alone, the Lord's with me!
And He'll assist when I get there,
whatever I should see!

And it's a glory day for this task,
following His lead.
The snow and ice of yesterday,
for it shall not impede!
I KNOW He will direct my steps
as He's my constant guide,
and, from His endless bounty, He
will perfectly provide!
But getting ALL the glory
is God Most High above!

He is THE SOURCE of ALL we own,
He is THE SOURCE of love!

Every one of us that claim to be a "Christian" have a duty and calling every time we step out the door!  AND, we have a Perfect Guide to direct our steps!  Will we heed to that calling, or wait for someone else to receive the blessing of following His lead?


Friday, February 3, 2023


There is a joy that is so necessary in the world that we are in!  The joy of The Lord!  It is THE way of life in Heaven above, and it is availed to us here is THIS life!

"Your joy, oh Lord!  So necessary
in this day and age!
So very rife, the 'situations'
generating rage!
The more we cling to You, Lord Jesus,
as we move along,
so many more become the verses
to Your Glory Song!

We must not let life's 'situations'
mute that joyous voice!
And this I know, most Mighty Lord,
we each have got a choice
of handing You those 'situations!'
You are more than able
to work them out all to Your glory,
as You can make things 'stable!'

Yea, Lord, Your great stability
so generates such joy!
If only man, Your sovereign ways,
would constantly employ!
For there's no limit to Your joy,
You offer it to all!
All we must do is cling to You,
submitting to Your Call!

Joy unspeakable!  Nowhere else
in life is it availed!
It is a joy that, at NO time,
has ever, ever failed!
Secure be ALL inside Your hand-
the ONLY place secure!
Your perfect love, oh holy Lord,
so very, very pure!"

Friends, know that joy for yourself by asking Jesus to save your soul and become born-again!  There is NOTHING in THIS world like it!  And it is a decision you will NEVER regret!


Wednesday, February 1, 2023


At times, so much is happening in and around us that it so easily detracts us from time with HIM!  May we be ever-aware of such truth so that we give HIM ample time!

"Silencing the chatter...
ignoring what is due...
setting all else by the side,
Oh Lord, to be with You!
'Living' gets so 'complicated'
with so much we call 'life'
that we must pause to be with You,
to so escape the strife!

What a beneficial 'pause'
each time it's taken place.
There receiving perfect peace
from Your abundant grace!
Receiving all I ever need
to call the day 'success.'
For straight out of Your giving hand
is everything to 'bless!'

Oh, so necessary is
this Hallelujah place!
Spending precious time with You-
it is how to keep pace
with the speed of 'life' that seems
to slow down not at all.
For in this 'pause,' it is
Your very Holy Name I call!
And You are faithful to attend,
to straighten and to heal.
You know so very well the 'stress'
that 'living' may conceal!
You give the necessary strength
to overcome the day,
and face but all and everything
that WILL be, come what may!

This 'pause' inside the day-
'time' that has such great pay!
You offer it to all
that hasten to Your Call!"

My friends, MAKING that time is NOT an option!  His Word calls it 'the sacrifice of praise.'  Forget it not as you follow in His steps and I promise you will NOT regret it!  For He already knows the path ahead.  Why not LET Him direct it?