Tuesday, January 3, 2023

You Never Know!

This was written a few weeks ago, when it was white and blustery.  Who'da thot that we would be lounging around in 70 degree weather on January 3?!

Looking out across the land
as the snowflakes blow.
It has not yet accumulated
but it will, I know!
Last week, when it was '70,'
I got prepared for this!
I watched the ranchers, and I knew
THIS weather would not miss!

Oh, but it's so glorious
as it accumulates!
My customers were buying things
that pointed to 'these' dates!
Now that it is here, however,
it's quite a sight to see!
I take in its great wonder with
the Lord right next to me!
He points out how, right now, the trees
have one side that is white,
and how the bravest birds upon
the ground take such delight!
They poke their heads into the snow
and flap their little wings!
Each one that comes up 'empty-handed'
just moves on and sings!

Ah...the wonder of the Ozarks-
so beautiful and alive!
And God sees to it that, in even
such as this, we thrive!
He is so very generous,
creative in His ways!
So, we see to it, in ALL things,
we give Him endless praise!!

Yes, the snow I was watching when I wrote this is all gone now...HERE!  (And it's back to almost 70 degrees!)  However, this IS The Ozarks, and we could have another blizzard by the end of the week!  You never know!  But this we DO know: His handiwork is ALWAYS beautiful!

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