Sunday, January 1, 2023

What Is Our 'Motive?'

A brand-new day is here!  And brand-new year!  Or is it to you, as it is to many, 'just another day?'  I surely hope not!  For God has blessed us with 365 new opportunities before us to make a difference in this world!  Will YOU take advantage of that...or fall back into 'what's expected?'

Jesus Christ the Lord Has come.
The world has taken note.
Most 'habits' of the day, however,
they've become so rote!
How precious and refreshing be
something completely new!
Like my finding for myself
the thoughts and yearns for you.
Too often do we 'make a list' 
this holy time of year,
and give due 'obligation' or
of habit oh so mere!
What if we sought the heart of God
when giving to anyone?
Would that not be more 'meaningful'?
Would that not be more fun?
And would that not bless 'receivers' with
something unexpected?
For it would surely please the Lord
with praise to Him directed! 

Too many, oh, too often, they
get caught up in the traps
the enemy sets everywhere
just hoping someone 'snaps!'
And 'snap' they do when realizing,
it's from 'obligation!'
IT SHOULD BE from a caring heart,
and NOT from 'delegation!'

So, this year, check your motives when
you give.  Is it from 'love?'
A 'willing, caring, giving heart,'
is what it should be of!
Not 'obligation,' not 'of guilt,'
or from a heart 'expecting!'
Yes, do this and, God the Father's heart,
you will be respecting!

Yes, I know, 'Christmas' was last week.  But I saw too many folks come into my store and purchase something JUST BECAUSE it is 'customary!'  Not because they just couldn't wait to!  However, the 'latter' should be each Christmas!  For God the Father 'just couldn't wait' to bless the world with His Son Jesus Christ!  May we have the same attitude when we bless one another!

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