Sunday, January 15, 2023

Upon God's Mind

Each and every person who would ever take a breath was on God's mind when He sent His Son Jesus Christ.  How often do we ponder that as we go day-to-day, minute-by-minute trying to 'get ahead?'

We sing of "Power In The Blood,"
and we should rightly so!
For only in the Blood of Jesus,
new life, can we know!
His precious Blood--it is the only
'thing' this world can know
that is atoning, reconciling
and, yet, so free to flow!

Yes, His Blood--it shall identify us
as God's Own Belonging.
The 'world' all about us, for
the same, it is so longing!
And it is up to US to share
with them this Living Gift!
Do so unto all and leave,
to God, the final sift!

Christ's Blood--the ONLY sacrifice
that matters in the end!
Know it even NOW and know
His benefits, my friend!
For Jesus took our place for oh
so much that had to be!
He knew His fate, and yet He said
"I'll go!" for such as we!

No substitution could there be.
It had to be The Lamb!
Sin and death, they were no match
for the great 'I AM!'
The highest price He paid for all
to know eternal life
in That Perfect Paradise
where there will be no strife!

Jesus.  Period!  He is all we ever need for all we'll ever face!  AND GOD KNEW THAT!  Oh, what wondrous love The Father has for one and all!  Don't forget to give your heart to Him and thank Him constantly for having YOU on His mind when He sent His Son!

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