Saturday, January 21, 2023

This Priceless Time!

For some, it is not always the crack of dawn.  Morning comes for some of us around 11:00 or noon!  Some of us keep different hours due to our jobs.  Whenever your 'morning' happens to be, make sure that God and His creation are part of it!

Sunlight off the branches...
winter in the breeze...
beavers in the pond below...
and cardinals in the trees...
azure in the skies above...
eternity in sight!
And Jesus Christ in conversation-
what a great delight!

A great adventure is awaiting,
once I leave this place.
Oh, but I am with The Lord-
the One Who saves by grace!
Not a thing will rush me as
we visit, He and I!
For here do I receive those things
the day to occupy!

As, the scenery, we discuss,
and wildlife in view,
He waves His hand, and the skies
become a different hue!
And He sends other wildlife
to fascinate this man!
They come and go throughout the time
that I have in this place.
For they show up, alone with Him,
due His abundant grace!

This is a time that I can take 
and dwell on through the day,
and draw relaxing peace and joy,
whatever come what may!
For 'life' will happen as I leave
that only HE knows of.
That's why I am so very glad to
belong to The King of Love!

Oh, this precious time with Jesus every day!  Sometimes, it is these moments that get me THROUGH each day!  And He provides them with abundance to ALL who ask!  He is so very generous!  Just try Him and see for yourselves!


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