Friday, January 6, 2023

THE Variety of Life

LIVING.  In doing so, we run into the gamut of people.  What a blessing it is, however, to run into them that GENUINELY care.

How wonderful be them that make life

bearable for all!
They go out of their way for such,
despite THEIR wherewithal!
They see to comforts and concerns
of folks they hardly know.
Such as these, they're gifts from God-
He places them just so!

And, in the times we're in, such folks
are in such high demand!
They set themselves aside and yield
unto His each command!
Counting not the cost at all,
they hear Him and obey.
They carry out His each command,
(and, such, without delay!)

It takes a certain breed of heart,
compassion such to know.
Those hearts, they see a 'situation,'
and just turn and go!
Jesus Christ directs their hearts
where HE would desire,
and they respond with all they are,
yes, they give their entire!

Oh, so wonderful the folks that make
this life a thing so great!
So great be their reward, indeed,
and that's NOT due to 'fate!'
It is a promise from His Word,
alive and greatly living
inside the heart of each and all
who are so freely giving!

This life takes all kinds of people to continue on.  You and I run into all kinds of folk as we go about our day!  But a treasure it is to run into them that care and give no thought to the cost of such!  GOD MAKES THOSE FOLKS!

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