Saturday, January 14, 2023

The PERFECT Father!

God THE Father.  So many folks I know have a warped, distorted or painful view of a 'father!'  BUT God the Father is different.  He is perfect!  No 'earthly' father can attain that position!  Ask Jesus to be Your Savior and you will automatically have a Perfect Father Who will see to your every need!

My Father, He attends to all

pertaining to this life!
He joins us in our victories,
He steadies us in strife.
He hurts whenever we do, giving
healing for all pain;
He joins us when we 'feel' alone,
so momentum we can gain!
And He celebrates with us with every
victory we earn!
He is involved in ALL we do
until His Son's return!

But God, He's also set in place
all things that yet await!
He knows all things that are ahead-
each time and every date!
Already has He had in place
each safeguard and each blessing!
Therefore, about our future, we
need not at all be stressing!

Father God--so thorough, so
dependable and true!
He may do such 'for anyone,'
but He focuses on YOU!
Recognize and glorify Him,
claim Him as your own!
His attributes and character,
in YOUR life, will be known!

Father God.  THE one and only TRUE Father Who can AND will take care of you throughout your days.  Even beyond that last day and far beyond this life, HIS LOVE NEVER FAILS!  Trust Him today, won't you, my friend?  He loves you THAT much!

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