Tuesday, January 24, 2023

The Opportunity to GIVE!

We, as Americans, think we have it pretty good.  (AND MOST OF US DO!)  However, there is a supply that one can tap that will last for all eternity!  And it is found in one of the core truths and values of being a Christian!

There is more that is available,
abundantly much more!
It is availed unto the ones
with JESUS as their core!
All we do is live our lives
and blessings flow and flow!
It is the favor of our
God and Father, don't you know?!

God--for He provides all things
for our needs and desires!
He will continue doing so
until this life expires!
it will kick in forever!
And from the grasp of His great love,
no thing will ever sever!

Yes, there is much more that is availed
in living for His Own!
Blessings, gifts and all that's
necessary are well-known!
He is Provider!  He is Giver!
Whatever you could ever need,
God is THE wherewithal!

Oh, give of Him your time and talent!
Give Him of your income, too!
KNOWING all you give to Him
will be returned to you!
Returned in ways you fathom not
because they are so great!
God, the Giver, has so many
ways He does create!!

Have you not discovered this truth yet?  It is proven over the centuries, and He changes not!  He fails not!  And this I know: HE'S NOT ABOUT TO!!  HE IS SO FAITHFUL!

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