Friday, January 27, 2023

The Greatest Realm!

While life goes on at a pace that few can keep up with, there is another Life that is going on in a Place that is Perfect.  A Place set aside for eternity for the ones who have given their heart to Jesus Christ!  Are YOU one of them, my friend?

Greater realms are busy with
that which our hearts desire.
That Realm above, it is replete
with our hopes entire!
For there, along with treasures we
cannot get in THIS place,
is Christ the King, our Lord and Master,
Him Who saves by grace!

Jesus--Lord of all and Friend,
resides enthroned up there!
And He will see to all our needs
and keep us in His care!
We know not what events or
happenings there going on,
but all the issues of THIS life,
forever will be gone!

Yea, 'greater realms' means PARADISE
unto the 'born again!'
Them that give their heart to Jesus
evermore shall win!
We know but just what He's revealed
unto us in His Word,
and that which we have, from His
Holy Spirit, freely heard!
Oh, but what is 'written,' what is 'spoken'
makes us to press on
unto That Trumpet Blast when all
of dying life is gone!!
And, at THAT time, we'll be transported
on a gleam of Light
into His Presence to That Place
where there is no more night!
And we shall see Him, face-to-face,
The Savior of our Soul!
Transported into Paradise
and made completely whole!

Yes, greater realms, they are awaiting!
No more stress and no more hating!
Oh, yield ye, to His Call!

Yes, there is still time to give your heart to Jesus.  Repent from Your sins and ask Him to be your Savior EVEN NOW!  For God alone knows just exactly how much time we have left to do such!


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