Saturday, January 7, 2023

The First Day of the Week

The first day of the week.  God's glorious day!  And in the early early, He sees to it that I start it out right!  

Early, early Sunday,

before church to relax.
A busy week this time of year-
those are settled facts!
But this is HIS day--He is central
in all things we do:
we worship Him...we give to Him...
relax and watch the view!
And such today be stellar in
the biting, Norther sigh!
An able wind makes sure the air
has no clouds floating by!
Such obstructing not the sight
of the hills and peaks
that I enjoy, so far away,
as, unto me, He speaks!
So freely does He give this man
instructions for the day,
and His insight for the
situations--come what may!

The beauty and the majesty
of the hills afar
against the brilliance of the blue-
incredible, they are!
So fascinating, so amazing,
so imposing, they!
What a priceless way to start
this awesome, holy day!

Yes.  Sunday, beautiful Sunday!  The Lord's Day.  He will receive several of our hours in His Holy House a little later.  Right now, though, He is right here with me, having coffee and pointing out His glorious creations!  I AM SO BLESSED!

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