Monday, January 30, 2023


So many of us are struggling.  HOWEVER, it seems that the definition of 'struggling' seems to vary from person-to-person.  Why is that?

So many of us struggle through
what, at times, be a mess.
Somehow, God takes those struggles to,
to prosper and to bless!
We do our best to do our best
by following His lead.
In doing so, He sees to it
that, daily, we succeed!
At the end, we leave to go
unto our humble home,
there to enjoy the fruits we've earned,
and the rewards, so chrome!
So very, very fortunate
are we amongst the few.
The numbers, they are greater that
cannot have such a view!

So many struggle out there just
to make it day-to-day.
They push a cart from street to street
and dine on 'come what may.'
No way to know where the next meal is
or where they will sleep next;
without an income or a home-
life--it is perplexed!

I can assure you 'Christ is all,'
but they hear 'empty word.'
Somehow, somewhere in their lives
some tragedies occurred!
They asked 'The Chosen' for a hand
somewhere, somehow, sometime,
'His Chosen' answered with a hand,
'one finger at a time!!'

The same scenario--it happens
every day somewhere!
These folks see someone from 'The Church'
and think that THEY will care!
But when asking, once again, they get
'one finger at a time!'
If YOU are doing such, know this:

I KNOW that Jesus Christ gives more than this, MUCH more!  And His touch is swift, loving, kind and NOT judgmental!  WE are related to Jesus, we are sister and brother and friend.  That is what THEY are looking for!  And you and I must provide!  For we need each other, one and all, regardless who you are or how well-off you are!  EVERY life has got a calling!

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