Tuesday, January 3, 2023


DON'T CRITICIZE AND COMPLAIN!  Remember what happened with Moses and the people of Israel!  It took them 40 years to go HOW FAR?!  

"O let me not complain, oh Lord.
For You have blessed this man!
When things don't go as I expect,
help me recall YOUR plan!
There are so many things in life
that we see as 'expected.'
If something goes 'awry,' however
we start to feel 'rejected!'

O let me not fall for THAT trap
that this life has in store!
Let me depend on You instead,
for, in You, there is more!
'Exceedingly abundant' is
the life that YOU provide!
That very life this 'human' world
would scoff at and deride!

BUT GOD, I will depend on You
forever, come what may!
I know that You have 'got my back'
and Your vow is my stay!
In this life and the next, You WILL
abundantly provide;
and just ONE thing may hinder THAT:
if I'm not satisfied!!

I read Your Word and see what happens
to those who complain: 
'round and 'round' they go, my Lord,

and little is their gain!
But them that DO something about it,
prosperous they be!
Make me, Lord, to be one of them
that live successfully!

Yes, it is well documented in His Word (and in THIS life) what happens to them that complain all the time. Not only is it detrimental to their health, but those about them suffer as well.  Check your spirit, my friend, and make sure that you are not one of them!  Life will be all the better when You take each day as it comes, KNOWING that God is in complete control!

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