Monday, January 30, 2023

Peace In Sight!

Perfect peace.  It is found in Jesus Christ alone.  Often, though God uses His majestic handiwork to lead me to That Rock...

Peace--it finds its way to me
as I discover Him!
He is found in places whether 'light'
would even start to dim!
Right now, it's found in the majestic,
panoramic view
that contains a snow-capped range
beneath the brilliant view!
Palomar have I in sight,
so, here, I pull aside,
and get out of the truck awhile,
becoming so wide-eyed!
Cresting a hill out in the county,
away from everything,
I call out to Creator God-
the One Who makes me sing!
And the ONE Who makes all sights
before my very eyes!
Here, we discuss the glory of
that which He would devise.
For it's the working of His hands
that fascinates me so.
And I have to stop and glorify Him,
before I, onward, go!
For He is worthy of all praise,
and adoration, too,
for making such a panorama
for this man to view!

I will continue with this day
after I adore
the workings of His mighty hands-
(that's what these eyes are for!)
And He will see that I succeed,
WHATEVER day may hold!
As I am His and He is mine,
and these vistas grow not old!

"Stop and smell the roses," one songwriter wrote years ago.  But I would remind you to stop and enjoy the view of His handiwork daily and often, as we have no way of knowing how long we will be able to do so!

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