Saturday, January 14, 2023


These bodies of ours were not meant to last forever.  However, God has prepared one for each of us that will!  Until we see Jesus coming in the clouds, we are going to have setbacks, aches and pains and diseases.  NEVER LOSE HOPE!

When things happen in 'living' that
we cannot understand,
we look to Jesus--He is there,
and waits with outstretched hand!
Even that which happens that
may cause us any harm,
there is NO obstruction to Him
and His outstretched arm!

For any types of 'injury'
that finds to us its way,
He is the Answer for it--for
His Blood has power for aye!
It's greater than diseases, injuries
or accidents,
and He avails His loving touch
unto ALL incidents!

For ALL this life may come up with,
the Answer is the Lord!
We may not understand the 'Why?'
but His touch does afford!
He saw and knew that it would happen
long before our time,
and He beseeches us to seek
no reason or no rhyme!
But to trust Him fully, knowing
He is in control,
and, in the 'bigger picture' we
will be completely whole!
For life has many twists and turns,
and He knows of them all!
That's why, in each and all of them,
His Holy Name we call!

No life is perfect.  BUT IT IS STILL GOOD!  Do not lose hope, my friend, whatever may attack or afflict you!  For God is well aware of it and His Blood is The Perfect solution to it!


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