Monday, January 23, 2023


Another glorious day!  As I gaze upon it before I leave the house, my heart and soul cry out to Him that which pours from my heart...

"Holy, great and mighty, You are
worthy of all praise!!
We shall exalt and glorify You,
Lord, through all our days!
Those days, they have a number,
of which only YOU can know!
But know this, too, through ALL those days,
our praise shall we bestow!!

For these is none like You, oh Lord!
You are the only One!
God Most High!  Holy Spirit!
Jesus Christ, the Son!
We raise our hands to You alone!
We lift our hearts, as well!
The love that You expend to us-
no poet e'er could tell!

You were...You are... You'll be!
And we will worship and adore You
through eternity!
Worship You and praise You as
we serve around Your Throne!
For there is not another like You!

Oh come, Lord, quickly, even now
as I transcribe this verse
received from Holy Spirit-
it is NOTHING I rehearse!
But I will gladly pen these words 
throughout eternity
because of WHO YOU ARE, oh Lord,
and what You've done for me!"

"Oh, come quickly, Lord Jesus!  For I long to look upon Your face and pour out my heart in whatever form You will give me to communicate with in That Perfect Place!  WON'T IT BE WONDERFUL THERE!

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