Thursday, January 5, 2023

Neglected Blessings!

Business is quite brisk!  I have a few days, however, to rest and relax.  There are, though, things out in the yard that I have not had time to tend to...until today!

Away from all reality
if only for a while.
Savoring the sunlight as
it sees us with a smile!
The gamut of emotions was
in labor all the week.
Today, though, in a break from all,
His Presence would I seek,
and it is found in gentle breeze
and sky so very blue,
while the land would demonstrate
the spectrum of all hue!
And peace is caused as one beholds
the workings of His hand:
casting eyes in each direction
is a sight so grand!

And He and I converse about 
the glory of it all.
Though 'winter,' it be in its prime,
it almost feels like fall!
Away, though, from 'reality-'
(as such would call for 'snow!')
Not today however, it is
'50's' that we know!
And it be perfect to accomplish
time with Him before
I feed the wild animals
that wait outside that door.
The squirrels have been flipping lids
hoping I'll hear them.
They know I've been so busy with
the job to tend to them.
And they are gathering around
as they see me come out the door
knowing that those wooden feeders
soon will have some more!

Filling up the squirrel feeders.  A very small price to pay for the entertainment they provide!  (And the frustration for the dogs as they scramble around the yard with their heads in the air and their voices sounding!)  What a glorious way to spend a day off!

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