Saturday, January 28, 2023


There are all kinds of voices to listen to in the days that are!  However, there is ONE voice that every heart needs to take heed to: the leading of Holy Spirit!  For HE will see to it that you are well taken care of IF you follow His directions!

All of God that life requires
Jesus Christ avails!
In ALL of this life's 'situations'
He never, ever fails!
He knows already what we'll face,
each step has He ordained!
His favor and His victory,
inside us be engrained!

In labor that He sets our hands to do...
in pleasure that He so provides for you....
in trials that beset us, one and all,
He is ever-present through it all!
And faithful, He, to see to our success:
with oh so many favors does He bless!
There be no other Lord with love so great
than JESUS CHRIST--all life to celebrate!

Yes, all of God one may require
is in Christ, alone!
His Presence, it is constant, yes,
and we're His very Own!
Give Him your heart without reserve!
For He will save your soul!
In this life, and the next, He will
keep you completely whole!

Yes, all of God one may require
is found in Christ, His Son!
And all that God Himself requires
Jesus Christ has done!
Before the dawn of time itself
He settled it for ALL!
Give YOUR heart unto Christ, alone,
and answer to His Call!

Yes, it's ALL in Jesus Christ!  Regardless what this life is telling you...regardless what your therapist is telling you...regardless what your financial advisors are telling you, JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY WAY and the ONLY security we have in this life!


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