Monday, January 23, 2023

HIS Purity

The days that are...the world in which we live.  The theme of the day seems to be "Do unto others so that they won't do unto you...!"  WE'VE GOT IT ALL WRONG!  Jesus never let anyone 'take advantage' of Him.  However, He went about doing what He did WITH A PURE HEART!  We must do the same, my friend!

The Lord desires purity-
about such, He is blunt!
There is no point in 'acting' or
in 'putting on a front!'
He sees and knows ALL, thus can He
see through the very same!
One must be 'original and just,'
and know 'integrity' by name!

And one must know the Lord by heart
in all that will arise.
The one that lives but for himself
just fizzles out and dies!
But the one who does his best and cares,
and helps his brother out,
his standing with the Living God
will NEVER be in doubt!
And MUCH be in this 'tricky' world
to tempt us into such!
It takes a bit of stamina
to exemplify His touch!

For life, it will arise in ways
that we can't understand!
Such will have its way with us,
thus, we must firmly stand!
And stand in all integrity,
nobility and grace
for that great day that waits ahead
when, Jesus Christ, we face!

and He will split the skies!
Oh, have him dwelt inside YOUR heart-
you'll be of the most wise!

A life of 'purity.'  It seems to not be a priority these days in the world we live.  But such is a priority in the eyes of God, AND HE SEES ALL!  I heard one wiser than I say years ago "Integrity is what you are when no one else is watching."  Such be true!  Another truth be, however, is that God Himself is ALWAYS watching!  Make sure your thoughts and deeds reflect such!

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