Saturday, January 28, 2023

His Omnipotent Love!

God loves you and I so much!  That Perfect Love may be invisible to some, it is quite visible to others!  But one thing pervades through all things: HIS LOVE WILL NEVER FAIL!

So wonderful, so powerful,
so great and mighty, too,
God the loving Father is,
and ever-faithful, too!
Jesus, Jesus--He reveals,
unto the seeking heart,
so much about our Father God
and all He would impart!

He is revealed in EVERY moment
of our every day!
Arranging all that's happening
to, somehow, go our way!
And what the naked eye may see
as 'tragedy' or 'test,'
He makes to see that we succeed
and, somehow, be so blessed!

Yes, great and mighty, glorious,
eternal, wondrous God!
Look out at all creation--only
HIM may we applaud!
For He arranges and creates
but ALL of time alone,
and fills it all with wonder and
all glory that is known!
For He is perfect, He is LOVE,
He is all-in-all!
And fortunate be EVERYONE
responding to His call!
He is a jealous Father, He
DESIRES time from man!
Though there is so much vying for
that time, (as if they can!!)
But, be ye not distracted by
whate'er may interfere!
As God, He loves you more than all
that may be present here!!

God the Father's love.  It is the greatest love that could ever be!  It was His love that sent Jesus Christ to become our Savior and our Lord!  It is the love of God that separates us and prepares us to spend eternity in Paradise with Him!  

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