Saturday, January 14, 2023

His Daily Care!

So many folks I know have so much to say about their daily lives.  Are they happy?  Not always!  In fact, some I talk with see the day that I go through and have their wonders about me!  That's alright, though, because God has me in the palm of His hand!!

One more day to come and go.
successful?  YES, INDEED!
As God is put above it all
but surely, we'll succeed!!
Regardless of what may have happened
in the days ago,
He escorted me throughout the day,
and He protected so!

A lot would ask "Why did you have
that seizure anyway?!"
God alone knows why!  But I
will praise Him all the way!
I'm sore and bruised...but I am still
alive and still employed
by that company at which
my work is so enjoyed!

THAT'S the favor of my Father
in a busy world!
He sees to it that I am protected,
as blessings are unfurled!
Those blessings, they flow from His hand
but all throughout the day!
And we receive them with all praise
and gratitude His-way!

No matter what this life may hold,
He is above it all!
Thus, it is our privilege,
His Mighty Name to call!
He is worthy of all glory,
praise and adoration!
And someday soon, beyond all 'work,'
we'll join That Celebration!!

Yes, while we go on as best we can with what must be done in this life, there is a never-ending celebration going on around His throne and throughout the heavens!  AND IT'S ALL FOR HIM!  And we shall be a part of it, thus we are commanded to cry out "COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!"

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