Friday, January 27, 2023

God's Stability!

God's amazing ways!  He uses them to cause the normal 'things' of THIS life to bring together folks of all ages and backgrounds!  'His ways are not our ways,' says His Word.  They are much higher and greater, yet He remains 'reachable' and helps us to do the same!

I scan the panorama while
conversing with my Lord.
The colors in the sky but just
my Father could afford!
We converse of oh so much
so we retain accord.
The glory, grace and sanctity-
so hallowed and adored!
His interaction with me-
so empowering this man
to minister to others while
accomplishing His Plan!

His Plan--for it allows this man
to reach out with His love,
and draw all people unto Him,
His mercy, grace and love!
For each and all of us go through
a life that differs so,
but it reins us in together that,
its fulness, we can know!

Whatever it is that we go through,
He understands in full!
And His great Omnipotence,
it is availed to pull
one and all together, even
though we, different, be,
but, through His eyes and through love,
united become all we!
Yes, whatever we have been through
in our daily lives,
He makes us be in one accord
that, firmly, we may thrive!

The glory of the sights about
that come from His great hand,
they pull us each together so
we fully understand
that He is in complete control
and naught have we to fear,
because the Presence of the Lord
is ever oh so near!

I am constantly amazed at what God Most High uses to stabilize us and draw us together!  From the strength of His Mighty Word to the majesty of His creation, He is able to abolish bridges and limitations and cause us to see clearly!


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