Saturday, January 28, 2023

Fickle Atmosphere!

Winter returns!  We had a few days of glorious sunshine, (although it was very cold!) but now they are forecasting more icy precipitation!  Please be careful if you must be out in it, my friend!

After weeks of Paradise,

the snow is flying by!
Somewhere in the night it came
and not a thing is dry!
So very beautiful it is, you know?
A feast for any eyes!
Each direction one may look,
a beautiful surprise!
From the dusting on the mountain peaks,
to patches on the plains,
to walls beside the roadways
that the snowplow entertains,
to branches reaching out and catching
snowflakes flying by-
it is a sight to bless the vision
and to pacify!

However, there are other places
NOT so very 'blessed!'
The weather has affected airlines,
and travelling is messed!
I may have just a 'trace' so far,
other folks have 'feet!'
And their 'routines' are 'out the door,'
their tasks they can't complete!
The 'seasoned,' they are used to this,
and they move right along,
while those who are not do their best
and everything goes wrong!

Nature--with its variety-
it sure keeps us on our toes!
Some marvel at its majesty,
while others curse its woes!
BUT GOD makes it to sparkle as
we try to get things done.
And, when we do, the flaky snow,
is oh so very fun!

Yes, the winter weather is a blessing and a curse!  It is so very beautiful to see, to watch the children play and is also very slick, icy and dangerous on the roads and if you are not so graceful on your feet!  Enjoy it's beauty, but certainly be careful and cautious if you must be out in it!

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