Sunday, January 22, 2023

"Disturbing the peace!"

Afternoon.  The skies above me start to change in ways that most folks fear!  Then the noises begin.  Slowly.  Yes, it's gonna be a stormy time ahead!  

Nature starts to raise a ruckus

in the afternoon...
thunder and the lightning are,
and storms will be here soon!
The storm--so awesome, yet so
dangerous, will run its course.
Yet very few will give respect
unto its mighty force!
THIS person will, however, as
I have been through its worst!
And preparing for a thing like that
just cannot be rehearsed!
But we prepare, as best we can,
and trust God for the rest.
As I've discovered, as we do,
He'll see that we are blessed!
And those 'blessings' come in forms that we,
we may not fully grasp,
but they are real and are availed
to ALL within His clasp!

"Oh Lord, please keep your hand on all
in paths of pending storms.
Show Yourself as 'present' in
Your very many forms!
We know that we know You are present
as we are so blessed!
For if we lose 'the better' You
replace it with 'the best!'

Yes, in spite of 'nature' and its wonders,
We trust in You completely, Father,
therefore, remain we whole!"

Yes, nature is a glorious, wondrous and beautiful thing!  It can also be the most dangerous thing you ever face in THIS lifetime!  Continue to put your trust in Him, as He is in control of it all...regardless of what you may see, hear or feel!

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