Monday, January 2, 2023 a Whir!

"Hurry Up!  Let's get this over with!  We have a schedule to keep!"  And God help us if we don't meet THAT schedule!!  HOLD ON A MINUTE!!

Where does one put the pain that happens

oh so close to heart,
inflicted by the ones you love,
in whose lives you have a part?
Some things seem 'flippant' to the ones
that just go moving by,
while the ones that catch the brunt of such,
in anguish, deeply cry!

And why so, at the holidays,
does such as this go on?!
I'm sure the Lord meant for His Birthday
to be CELEBRATED on!
But look at what 'the world' has made 
'The season' to become!
Disappointment, stress and pain-
it is 'the norm' for some!
'Family' as we know it has
become so rare, it seems.
'A joyous time together' has
become a thing of dreams!
We 'travel' here and 'hurry' there,
'dividing' up the time.
'Christmas' AS GOD meant it to be
would be a thing sublime!
Why can't we come together ALL,
as long as it may take
and have a Christmas 'genuine',
one that is not 'fake?'
We've crammed so much into the times
that God set long ago,
that 'quality time' with one another
is something so few know!

I see it too often in the families in our towns.  I see it too often in the families IN OUR CHURCHES!  It is a painful thing to watch as a 'spiritual leader.'  It is all the more painful when it is YOUR family!

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