Sunday, January 15, 2023

Brother King

"The more times change, the more they stay the same."  I have heard that all my life and always just blew it off.  Now that I am a little more 'seasoned,' I see the truth of it...and the PAIN of what it can be applied to!  I grew up in Southern California and Hawaii.  In those places, we had people and friends around us of every color from all parts of the world.  We had great times and we gave it no thought.  It was not until I got saved that I saw the pain that can be inflicted, by word or by treatment, upon others by some who think that they are 'above' or 'better' than someone else.  PREJUDICE!

In the glory of the early day,
I have coffee with some friends.
We gather, talk and laugh together,
and NOTHING offends!
People from all walks of life,
and places on this earth,
people of all ages, colors...
EVERYONE has worth!
But on THIS day, however, we
are smitten to the core,
as we honor that man who spoke out
because He knew there was more!
More that could be done to make sure
ALL could get along!
His efforts--they remain in place,
so that we ALL 'belong!'
For God set one man's heart ablaze
in decades long ago,
because of the inequities
that seemed to grow and grow!
And now, we have a holiday for him
honoring his plight!
Such should have happened years ago,
but some just won't see Light!

"Oh, thank You, God, for brother Martin
and for all he's done!
Some STILL ignore his truths as he
conveyed Your Only Son!
Some even take offense at all
the truths he brought to light!
And some will even hate this man
for pointing out his plight!
But that's OK.  That's fine with me!
It is THEIR loss, not mine!
For THEY ignore these wonderful folks
who help make life to shine!
And I will ever yield my pen
unto Your heart and call!
For his message, all those years ago,
it so pertains to ALL!

I know of people and places that will blackball me, make fun of me and even attempt to physically harm me for writing about the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.  But I also know a God Whose directions I am following for my pen and my heart to go!  HE will be the One Who will not only protect me, but guard and elevate me for writing what He puts into my heart!

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