Friday, January 6, 2023

Back to the Beginning

Often, I am asked where these words come from, or how long have I been writing.  It sometimes puzzles them when I answer them truly.  However, them that know God understand it fully!

So long, long ago,
at about 8 or so,
I started these words that you read.
I had heard someone pray.
His Spirit did sway,
and unto His move did I heed!
So many had doubt,
but I stuck it out,
as I only knew "Christmas Hymn;"
but several believed,
and, from them, I received
encouragement that would not dim!
Years later, salvation!
The Pastor took note of God's gift.
His pulpit he shared.
And this gift was declared,
giving the masses a lift!
In front of all men,
Holy Ghost guided pen,
and Jesus was lifted each time!
I tried other word,
but was quickly assured
'those words' had no reason or rhyme!
And, so, here we are,
with God, yet so far
from those '4-line' prayers long ago!
They call me 'retired,'
but I'm ever-inspired
to keep writing for God Whom we know!

Yes, I have been called 'disabled,' 'retired,' and many other things.  However, each time I pick up that pen and pray, God fills in the lines on those pages!  He was faithful then, He is faithful now, and He will ever be faithful as long as I set aside time to listen to what He has to say.  Yes, HE IS FOREVER faithful!

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