Sunday, January 8, 2023

Another Enigma

The celebrations, the festivities, the joy and wonder even now in the 'afterglow' of celebrating Jesus, there is STILL so much to be grateful and joyous about!  However, that also means that there are a lot of folks out there in pain!  Look for them and look after them.  THEY NEED YOU AND WHAT YOU HAVE INDWELT INSIDE YOU!

It is a festive time of year,
so much gratitude and giving!
It makes us all so very glad
that we are even living!!
So much of life to be enjoyed,
so much of God to know,
so many look unto His Son
Who died ONE TIME, you know!

It's yet a festive time of year,
but, oh, too very many,
they look for causes to rejoice
and they cannot find any!
The activities of someone else
have robbed them of their joy!
Thus we, as servants of the Lord,
must FIND ways to employ!
We cannot change the 'tragedies,'
but we can give them love!
That is the first and greatest task-
some can't find HIM above!
We cannot change what's happened, but,
ourselves, can we avail,
when challenges arise for them
and their hopes seem to fail!

For in the past weeks, we have seen
such tragedies occur!
And, even for some of us,
has life become a 'blur!'
But 'come together,' where you are,
and, before you know it,
that 'blur' becomes more 'focused,' yes,
all we must do is show it!

Yea, though festivities went on and still do, so many out there are nowhere near 'festive!'  It is up to each and all of Christ's servants to put ourselves out there and make sure that the 'suffering' do not SUFFER alone.  And GO THROUGH it, they will, with the help of Jesus and the care and love of His chosen!


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