Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Another Basic Law

For most folks, "generosity" is not 'automatic.'  It takes a conscious effort on one's part to part with that which they possess.  For a lot of folks I know, 'generosity' means merely giving up 'time.'  That is the commodity that some cherish the most.  But what if someone has a need that you know about?  Do you stand back and see if someone will help them?  Do you ignore it?  Or do you go to them to see what you can do for them.  I KNOW what Jesus does!!  Being 'The Church,' I also KNOW what our response SHOULD be!

The world that we are in, it has
so many, many needs!
For MOST of them, our Risen Lord
shows up and intercedes!
But there are needs around us each
but just a few can see,
and, to meet those needs, The Lord,
He looks to such as we!
He does not call us to adjourn
a 'panel' to decide.
For by THAT time, the need that's pressing
may have grown far and wide!
No, He lays it on OUR hearts
to meet that need at hand.
And He is well aware of that which we,
we can or cannot stand!
And GOD gets the glory when we do,
it's all for His great cause!
The 'faithful' that would pass such by,
well, they should greatly pause!
For that which we dispense, it will
be given back BY HIM!
I've seen it happen EVERY time,
so let not your heart be dim!
to all those who serve.
So have no doubt or hesitance
to tap your own reserve!

And, EVERY TIME, He gives us oh
so much more in return!
This should be one of the first tenets
of His faith that we learn!
For needy folks we'll come upon
but each and every day!
Ask God to make you aware of when
to step in or turn away!

And He is faithful to answer you when you are sincere with such queries!  The more you give, the more He will multiply it back to you in some form.  That is a basic law of giving!  I have lived long enough to KNOW that He will ALWAYS respond to your generosity with His Own!

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