Monday, January 30, 2023


So many of us are struggling.  HOWEVER, it seems that the definition of 'struggling' seems to vary from person-to-person.  Why is that?

So many of us struggle through
what, at times, be a mess.
Somehow, God takes those struggles to,
to prosper and to bless!
We do our best to do our best
by following His lead.
In doing so, He sees to it
that, daily, we succeed!
At the end, we leave to go
unto our humble home,
there to enjoy the fruits we've earned,
and the rewards, so chrome!
So very, very fortunate
are we amongst the few.
The numbers, they are greater that
cannot have such a view!

So many struggle out there just
to make it day-to-day.
They push a cart from street to street
and dine on 'come what may.'
No way to know where the next meal is
or where they will sleep next;
without an income or a home-
life--it is perplexed!

I can assure you 'Christ is all,'
but they hear 'empty word.'
Somehow, somewhere in their lives
some tragedies occurred!
They asked 'The Chosen' for a hand
somewhere, somehow, sometime,
'His Chosen' answered with a hand,
'one finger at a time!!'

The same scenario--it happens
every day somewhere!
These folks see someone from 'The Church'
and think that THEY will care!
But when asking, once again, they get
'one finger at a time!'
If YOU are doing such, know this:

I KNOW that Jesus Christ gives more than this, MUCH more!  And His touch is swift, loving, kind and NOT judgmental!  WE are related to Jesus, we are sister and brother and friend.  That is what THEY are looking for!  And you and I must provide!  For we need each other, one and all, regardless who you are or how well-off you are!  EVERY life has got a calling!

Peace In Sight!

Perfect peace.  It is found in Jesus Christ alone.  Often, though God uses His majestic handiwork to lead me to That Rock...

Peace--it finds its way to me
as I discover Him!
He is found in places whether 'light'
would even start to dim!
Right now, it's found in the majestic,
panoramic view
that contains a snow-capped range
beneath the brilliant view!
Palomar have I in sight,
so, here, I pull aside,
and get out of the truck awhile,
becoming so wide-eyed!
Cresting a hill out in the county,
away from everything,
I call out to Creator God-
the One Who makes me sing!
And the ONE Who makes all sights
before my very eyes!
Here, we discuss the glory of
that which He would devise.
For it's the working of His hands
that fascinates me so.
And I have to stop and glorify Him,
before I, onward, go!
For He is worthy of all praise,
and adoration, too,
for making such a panorama
for this man to view!

I will continue with this day
after I adore
the workings of His mighty hands-
(that's what these eyes are for!)
And He will see that I succeed,
WHATEVER day may hold!
As I am His and He is mine,
and these vistas grow not old!

"Stop and smell the roses," one songwriter wrote years ago.  But I would remind you to stop and enjoy the view of His handiwork daily and often, as we have no way of knowing how long we will be able to do so!

Saturday, January 28, 2023


There are all kinds of voices to listen to in the days that are!  However, there is ONE voice that every heart needs to take heed to: the leading of Holy Spirit!  For HE will see to it that you are well taken care of IF you follow His directions!

All of God that life requires
Jesus Christ avails!
In ALL of this life's 'situations'
He never, ever fails!
He knows already what we'll face,
each step has He ordained!
His favor and His victory,
inside us be engrained!

In labor that He sets our hands to do...
in pleasure that He so provides for you....
in trials that beset us, one and all,
He is ever-present through it all!
And faithful, He, to see to our success:
with oh so many favors does He bless!
There be no other Lord with love so great
than JESUS CHRIST--all life to celebrate!

Yes, all of God one may require
is in Christ, alone!
His Presence, it is constant, yes,
and we're His very Own!
Give Him your heart without reserve!
For He will save your soul!
In this life, and the next, He will
keep you completely whole!

Yes, all of God one may require
is found in Christ, His Son!
And all that God Himself requires
Jesus Christ has done!
Before the dawn of time itself
He settled it for ALL!
Give YOUR heart unto Christ, alone,
and answer to His Call!

Yes, it's ALL in Jesus Christ!  Regardless what this life is telling you...regardless what your therapist is telling you...regardless what your financial advisors are telling you, JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY WAY and the ONLY security we have in this life!


His Omnipotent Love!

God loves you and I so much!  That Perfect Love may be invisible to some, it is quite visible to others!  But one thing pervades through all things: HIS LOVE WILL NEVER FAIL!

So wonderful, so powerful,
so great and mighty, too,
God the loving Father is,
and ever-faithful, too!
Jesus, Jesus--He reveals,
unto the seeking heart,
so much about our Father God
and all He would impart!

He is revealed in EVERY moment
of our every day!
Arranging all that's happening
to, somehow, go our way!
And what the naked eye may see
as 'tragedy' or 'test,'
He makes to see that we succeed
and, somehow, be so blessed!

Yes, great and mighty, glorious,
eternal, wondrous God!
Look out at all creation--only
HIM may we applaud!
For He arranges and creates
but ALL of time alone,
and fills it all with wonder and
all glory that is known!
For He is perfect, He is LOVE,
He is all-in-all!
And fortunate be EVERYONE
responding to His call!
He is a jealous Father, He
DESIRES time from man!
Though there is so much vying for
that time, (as if they can!!)
But, be ye not distracted by
whate'er may interfere!
As God, He loves you more than all
that may be present here!!

God the Father's love.  It is the greatest love that could ever be!  It was His love that sent Jesus Christ to become our Savior and our Lord!  It is the love of God that separates us and prepares us to spend eternity in Paradise with Him!  

Fickle Atmosphere!

Winter returns!  We had a few days of glorious sunshine, (although it was very cold!) but now they are forecasting more icy precipitation!  Please be careful if you must be out in it, my friend!

After weeks of Paradise,

the snow is flying by!
Somewhere in the night it came
and not a thing is dry!
So very beautiful it is, you know?
A feast for any eyes!
Each direction one may look,
a beautiful surprise!
From the dusting on the mountain peaks,
to patches on the plains,
to walls beside the roadways
that the snowplow entertains,
to branches reaching out and catching
snowflakes flying by-
it is a sight to bless the vision
and to pacify!

However, there are other places
NOT so very 'blessed!'
The weather has affected airlines,
and travelling is messed!
I may have just a 'trace' so far,
other folks have 'feet!'
And their 'routines' are 'out the door,'
their tasks they can't complete!
The 'seasoned,' they are used to this,
and they move right along,
while those who are not do their best
and everything goes wrong!

Nature--with its variety-
it sure keeps us on our toes!
Some marvel at its majesty,
while others curse its woes!
BUT GOD makes it to sparkle as
we try to get things done.
And, when we do, the flaky snow,
is oh so very fun!

Yes, the winter weather is a blessing and a curse!  It is so very beautiful to see, to watch the children play and is also very slick, icy and dangerous on the roads and if you are not so graceful on your feet!  Enjoy it's beauty, but certainly be careful and cautious if you must be out in it!

Friday, January 27, 2023

God's Stability!

God's amazing ways!  He uses them to cause the normal 'things' of THIS life to bring together folks of all ages and backgrounds!  'His ways are not our ways,' says His Word.  They are much higher and greater, yet He remains 'reachable' and helps us to do the same!

I scan the panorama while
conversing with my Lord.
The colors in the sky but just
my Father could afford!
We converse of oh so much
so we retain accord.
The glory, grace and sanctity-
so hallowed and adored!
His interaction with me-
so empowering this man
to minister to others while
accomplishing His Plan!

His Plan--for it allows this man
to reach out with His love,
and draw all people unto Him,
His mercy, grace and love!
For each and all of us go through
a life that differs so,
but it reins us in together that,
its fulness, we can know!

Whatever it is that we go through,
He understands in full!
And His great Omnipotence,
it is availed to pull
one and all together, even
though we, different, be,
but, through His eyes and through love,
united become all we!
Yes, whatever we have been through
in our daily lives,
He makes us be in one accord
that, firmly, we may thrive!

The glory of the sights about
that come from His great hand,
they pull us each together so
we fully understand
that He is in complete control
and naught have we to fear,
because the Presence of the Lord
is ever oh so near!

I am constantly amazed at what God Most High uses to stabilize us and draw us together!  From the strength of His Mighty Word to the majesty of His creation, He is able to abolish bridges and limitations and cause us to see clearly!


The Greatest Realm!

While life goes on at a pace that few can keep up with, there is another Life that is going on in a Place that is Perfect.  A Place set aside for eternity for the ones who have given their heart to Jesus Christ!  Are YOU one of them, my friend?

Greater realms are busy with
that which our hearts desire.
That Realm above, it is replete
with our hopes entire!
For there, along with treasures we
cannot get in THIS place,
is Christ the King, our Lord and Master,
Him Who saves by grace!

Jesus--Lord of all and Friend,
resides enthroned up there!
And He will see to all our needs
and keep us in His care!
We know not what events or
happenings there going on,
but all the issues of THIS life,
forever will be gone!

Yea, 'greater realms' means PARADISE
unto the 'born again!'
Them that give their heart to Jesus
evermore shall win!
We know but just what He's revealed
unto us in His Word,
and that which we have, from His
Holy Spirit, freely heard!
Oh, but what is 'written,' what is 'spoken'
makes us to press on
unto That Trumpet Blast when all
of dying life is gone!!
And, at THAT time, we'll be transported
on a gleam of Light
into His Presence to That Place
where there is no more night!
And we shall see Him, face-to-face,
The Savior of our Soul!
Transported into Paradise
and made completely whole!

Yes, greater realms, they are awaiting!
No more stress and no more hating!
Oh, yield ye, to His Call!

Yes, there is still time to give your heart to Jesus.  Repent from Your sins and ask Him to be your Savior EVEN NOW!  For God alone knows just exactly how much time we have left to do such!


Thursday, January 26, 2023

Brothers Helping Brothers

If there is one thing that I have learned in this life, it is the TRUTH that we need one another!  Such is proven daily as we go about our day.  And there is no way of telling when or where it will happen!  Just be AVAILABLE!

Brothers helping brothers,
friendships and bonds to form!
Out of this life's 'happenings,'
God overcomes 'the norm!'
Yea, God can build relationships
from this life's many deeds.
And somewhere, in His awesome love,
He meets the pressing needs!

He makes our paths to cross somewhere
at any time at all,
as there are folks at every hand
that will come to call!
Those folks are right before our eyes,
and we must be aware
and open to The Spirit's call,
avoiding every snare!

Brothers helping brothers-
the list, it doesn't end!
O be ye open unto such.
You just might gain a friend!
And the needs are right in front of us
if we pay attention!
(It may be JESUS with that need,
I will not fail to mention!)
He works in oh so many ways-
but say, have we not learned?!
And ALL you do to meet a need,
to you shall be returned!

for they all tie together!
As long as Jesus Christ the Lord,
He is your central Tether!
Blessings--they will come your way
in oh so many forms,
as long as your work, to the
Holy Word of God, conforms!

Wherever we go, whomever we meet with, it may be a 'divine appointment.'  I will go so far as to say that somewhere, in EVERYTHING we do, is an opportunity to serve and glorify God!  Don't ever forget that as you go about your day!


Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Jesus Christ, THE Way!

Jesus Christ.  THE Truth, The Life, The Way.  The ONLY Way to face what exists in this life and the next!  Do YOU know Him as your Savior yet?  There is still time, my friend!!

How beautiful, how wonderful,
everything about The Lord!
I hear the Name of JESUS CHRIST
and my heart strikes a chord!
It sings above the issues and
concerns of 'every day!'
It sings above in glory tunes
that not a thing would sway!

The sweetest sound of "Jesus Christ"
as it rolls off the tongue!
Be it it written,
or gloriously sung!
There is POWER in His Holy Name
whenever it be spoken!
It brightens up all life around,
it fixes what is broken!
The Name of Jesus rids all life
of demonic power!
The Name of Jesus is 
available at any hour!

And new life is available
when you call out His Name!
Try it for yourself and you
will never be the same!
He will make all life anew
if you would just allow!
oh, my friend, give Him your heart,
For soon will come a day when Jesus
will not be a 'choice.'
For those alive when comes that day
no man could e'er rejoice!

Yea, time is of the essence when
is offered His salvation!
No man can know that hour come!

He lives within the heart.
But YOU must let Him start!
Be 'born-again' TODAY!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!  New life today AND EVERY DAY!  All awaiting YOUR decision to open up your heart to Him!  Oh, let NOTHING of this world hold you back!!


The Opportunity to GIVE!

We, as Americans, think we have it pretty good.  (AND MOST OF US DO!)  However, there is a supply that one can tap that will last for all eternity!  And it is found in one of the core truths and values of being a Christian!

There is more that is available,
abundantly much more!
It is availed unto the ones
with JESUS as their core!
All we do is live our lives
and blessings flow and flow!
It is the favor of our
God and Father, don't you know?!

God--for He provides all things
for our needs and desires!
He will continue doing so
until this life expires!
it will kick in forever!
And from the grasp of His great love,
no thing will ever sever!

Yes, there is much more that is availed
in living for His Own!
Blessings, gifts and all that's
necessary are well-known!
He is Provider!  He is Giver!
Whatever you could ever need,
God is THE wherewithal!

Oh, give of Him your time and talent!
Give Him of your income, too!
KNOWING all you give to Him
will be returned to you!
Returned in ways you fathom not
because they are so great!
God, the Giver, has so many
ways He does create!!

Have you not discovered this truth yet?  It is proven over the centuries, and He changes not!  He fails not!  And this I know: HE'S NOT ABOUT TO!!  HE IS SO FAITHFUL!

Monday, January 23, 2023


Another glorious day!  As I gaze upon it before I leave the house, my heart and soul cry out to Him that which pours from my heart...

"Holy, great and mighty, You are
worthy of all praise!!
We shall exalt and glorify You,
Lord, through all our days!
Those days, they have a number,
of which only YOU can know!
But know this, too, through ALL those days,
our praise shall we bestow!!

For these is none like You, oh Lord!
You are the only One!
God Most High!  Holy Spirit!
Jesus Christ, the Son!
We raise our hands to You alone!
We lift our hearts, as well!
The love that You expend to us-
no poet e'er could tell!

You were...You are... You'll be!
And we will worship and adore You
through eternity!
Worship You and praise You as
we serve around Your Throne!
For there is not another like You!

Oh come, Lord, quickly, even now
as I transcribe this verse
received from Holy Spirit-
it is NOTHING I rehearse!
But I will gladly pen these words 
throughout eternity
because of WHO YOU ARE, oh Lord,
and what You've done for me!"

"Oh, come quickly, Lord Jesus!  For I long to look upon Your face and pour out my heart in whatever form You will give me to communicate with in That Perfect Place!  WON'T IT BE WONDERFUL THERE!

HIS Purity

The days that are...the world in which we live.  The theme of the day seems to be "Do unto others so that they won't do unto you...!"  WE'VE GOT IT ALL WRONG!  Jesus never let anyone 'take advantage' of Him.  However, He went about doing what He did WITH A PURE HEART!  We must do the same, my friend!

The Lord desires purity-
about such, He is blunt!
There is no point in 'acting' or
in 'putting on a front!'
He sees and knows ALL, thus can He
see through the very same!
One must be 'original and just,'
and know 'integrity' by name!

And one must know the Lord by heart
in all that will arise.
The one that lives but for himself
just fizzles out and dies!
But the one who does his best and cares,
and helps his brother out,
his standing with the Living God
will NEVER be in doubt!
And MUCH be in this 'tricky' world
to tempt us into such!
It takes a bit of stamina
to exemplify His touch!

For life, it will arise in ways
that we can't understand!
Such will have its way with us,
thus, we must firmly stand!
And stand in all integrity,
nobility and grace
for that great day that waits ahead
when, Jesus Christ, we face!

and He will split the skies!
Oh, have him dwelt inside YOUR heart-
you'll be of the most wise!

A life of 'purity.'  It seems to not be a priority these days in the world we live.  But such is a priority in the eyes of God, AND HE SEES ALL!  I heard one wiser than I say years ago "Integrity is what you are when no one else is watching."  Such be true!  Another truth be, however, is that God Himself is ALWAYS watching!  Make sure your thoughts and deeds reflect such!

Sunday, January 22, 2023

"Disturbing the peace!"

Afternoon.  The skies above me start to change in ways that most folks fear!  Then the noises begin.  Slowly.  Yes, it's gonna be a stormy time ahead!  

Nature starts to raise a ruckus

in the afternoon...
thunder and the lightning are,
and storms will be here soon!
The storm--so awesome, yet so
dangerous, will run its course.
Yet very few will give respect
unto its mighty force!
THIS person will, however, as
I have been through its worst!
And preparing for a thing like that
just cannot be rehearsed!
But we prepare, as best we can,
and trust God for the rest.
As I've discovered, as we do,
He'll see that we are blessed!
And those 'blessings' come in forms that we,
we may not fully grasp,
but they are real and are availed
to ALL within His clasp!

"Oh Lord, please keep your hand on all
in paths of pending storms.
Show Yourself as 'present' in
Your very many forms!
We know that we know You are present
as we are so blessed!
For if we lose 'the better' You
replace it with 'the best!'

Yes, in spite of 'nature' and its wonders,
We trust in You completely, Father,
therefore, remain we whole!"

Yes, nature is a glorious, wondrous and beautiful thing!  It can also be the most dangerous thing you ever face in THIS lifetime!  Continue to put your trust in Him, as He is in control of it all...regardless of what you may see, hear or feel!

Saturday, January 21, 2023

This Priceless Time!

For some, it is not always the crack of dawn.  Morning comes for some of us around 11:00 or noon!  Some of us keep different hours due to our jobs.  Whenever your 'morning' happens to be, make sure that God and His creation are part of it!

Sunlight off the branches...
winter in the breeze...
beavers in the pond below...
and cardinals in the trees...
azure in the skies above...
eternity in sight!
And Jesus Christ in conversation-
what a great delight!

A great adventure is awaiting,
once I leave this place.
Oh, but I am with The Lord-
the One Who saves by grace!
Not a thing will rush me as
we visit, He and I!
For here do I receive those things
the day to occupy!

As, the scenery, we discuss,
and wildlife in view,
He waves His hand, and the skies
become a different hue!
And He sends other wildlife
to fascinate this man!
They come and go throughout the time
that I have in this place.
For they show up, alone with Him,
due His abundant grace!

This is a time that I can take 
and dwell on through the day,
and draw relaxing peace and joy,
whatever come what may!
For 'life' will happen as I leave
that only HE knows of.
That's why I am so very glad to
belong to The King of Love!

Oh, this precious time with Jesus every day!  Sometimes, it is these moments that get me THROUGH each day!  And He provides them with abundance to ALL who ask!  He is so very generous!  Just try Him and see for yourselves!


Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Another Basic Law

For most folks, "generosity" is not 'automatic.'  It takes a conscious effort on one's part to part with that which they possess.  For a lot of folks I know, 'generosity' means merely giving up 'time.'  That is the commodity that some cherish the most.  But what if someone has a need that you know about?  Do you stand back and see if someone will help them?  Do you ignore it?  Or do you go to them to see what you can do for them.  I KNOW what Jesus does!!  Being 'The Church,' I also KNOW what our response SHOULD be!

The world that we are in, it has
so many, many needs!
For MOST of them, our Risen Lord
shows up and intercedes!
But there are needs around us each
but just a few can see,
and, to meet those needs, The Lord,
He looks to such as we!
He does not call us to adjourn
a 'panel' to decide.
For by THAT time, the need that's pressing
may have grown far and wide!
No, He lays it on OUR hearts
to meet that need at hand.
And He is well aware of that which we,
we can or cannot stand!
And GOD gets the glory when we do,
it's all for His great cause!
The 'faithful' that would pass such by,
well, they should greatly pause!
For that which we dispense, it will
be given back BY HIM!
I've seen it happen EVERY time,
so let not your heart be dim!
to all those who serve.
So have no doubt or hesitance
to tap your own reserve!

And, EVERY TIME, He gives us oh
so much more in return!
This should be one of the first tenets
of His faith that we learn!
For needy folks we'll come upon
but each and every day!
Ask God to make you aware of when
to step in or turn away!

And He is faithful to answer you when you are sincere with such queries!  The more you give, the more He will multiply it back to you in some form.  That is a basic law of giving!  I have lived long enough to KNOW that He will ALWAYS respond to your generosity with His Own!

Monday, January 16, 2023

Out That Door!

A brand, new day.  Here I go, out into the biggest mission field available: my day!  There is no telling what God has in store for us as we go, but WE ARE AVAILABLE!

So many opportunities
await outside that door!
Many need assistance, some need
just a visitor!
Some are just in need of 'greeting,'
some need serious care.
Whatever the opportunity, we
must always be aware!

For God provides, all through the day,
places of 'ministry.'
It is our call to 'recognize' each,
and respond accordingly.
There be a myriad of ways
for each of us to serve.
But God, He will get all the glory,
(as He does deserve!)

In every place we set our feet
before the sun will set,
there is someone that needs His love
that, from YOU, they can get!
Be open, therefore, all ye folks
that have Him in your hearts,
as, opportunity to share His love,
not ever it departs!

There is a very busy, needy world that is ripe for the love of Jesus Christ, the love that WE contain!  And we are called to share it!  Avail yourself unto His lead and you will be amazed at the 'how' and 'when' Jesus Christ will show up!!


Sunday, January 15, 2023

Brother King

"The more times change, the more they stay the same."  I have heard that all my life and always just blew it off.  Now that I am a little more 'seasoned,' I see the truth of it...and the PAIN of what it can be applied to!  I grew up in Southern California and Hawaii.  In those places, we had people and friends around us of every color from all parts of the world.  We had great times and we gave it no thought.  It was not until I got saved that I saw the pain that can be inflicted, by word or by treatment, upon others by some who think that they are 'above' or 'better' than someone else.  PREJUDICE!

In the glory of the early day,
I have coffee with some friends.
We gather, talk and laugh together,
and NOTHING offends!
People from all walks of life,
and places on this earth,
people of all ages, colors...
EVERYONE has worth!
But on THIS day, however, we
are smitten to the core,
as we honor that man who spoke out
because He knew there was more!
More that could be done to make sure
ALL could get along!
His efforts--they remain in place,
so that we ALL 'belong!'
For God set one man's heart ablaze
in decades long ago,
because of the inequities
that seemed to grow and grow!
And now, we have a holiday for him
honoring his plight!
Such should have happened years ago,
but some just won't see Light!

"Oh, thank You, God, for brother Martin
and for all he's done!
Some STILL ignore his truths as he
conveyed Your Only Son!
Some even take offense at all
the truths he brought to light!
And some will even hate this man
for pointing out his plight!
But that's OK.  That's fine with me!
It is THEIR loss, not mine!
For THEY ignore these wonderful folks
who help make life to shine!
And I will ever yield my pen
unto Your heart and call!
For his message, all those years ago,
it so pertains to ALL!

I know of people and places that will blackball me, make fun of me and even attempt to physically harm me for writing about the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.  But I also know a God Whose directions I am following for my pen and my heart to go!  HE will be the One Who will not only protect me, but guard and elevate me for writing what He puts into my heart!

Upon God's Mind

Each and every person who would ever take a breath was on God's mind when He sent His Son Jesus Christ.  How often do we ponder that as we go day-to-day, minute-by-minute trying to 'get ahead?'

We sing of "Power In The Blood,"
and we should rightly so!
For only in the Blood of Jesus,
new life, can we know!
His precious Blood--it is the only
'thing' this world can know
that is atoning, reconciling
and, yet, so free to flow!

Yes, His Blood--it shall identify us
as God's Own Belonging.
The 'world' all about us, for
the same, it is so longing!
And it is up to US to share
with them this Living Gift!
Do so unto all and leave,
to God, the final sift!

Christ's Blood--the ONLY sacrifice
that matters in the end!
Know it even NOW and know
His benefits, my friend!
For Jesus took our place for oh
so much that had to be!
He knew His fate, and yet He said
"I'll go!" for such as we!

No substitution could there be.
It had to be The Lamb!
Sin and death, they were no match
for the great 'I AM!'
The highest price He paid for all
to know eternal life
in That Perfect Paradise
where there will be no strife!

Jesus.  Period!  He is all we ever need for all we'll ever face!  AND GOD KNEW THAT!  Oh, what wondrous love The Father has for one and all!  Don't forget to give your heart to Him and thank Him constantly for having YOU on His mind when He sent His Son!

Saturday, January 14, 2023

The PERFECT Father!

God THE Father.  So many folks I know have a warped, distorted or painful view of a 'father!'  BUT God the Father is different.  He is perfect!  No 'earthly' father can attain that position!  Ask Jesus to be Your Savior and you will automatically have a Perfect Father Who will see to your every need!

My Father, He attends to all

pertaining to this life!
He joins us in our victories,
He steadies us in strife.
He hurts whenever we do, giving
healing for all pain;
He joins us when we 'feel' alone,
so momentum we can gain!
And He celebrates with us with every
victory we earn!
He is involved in ALL we do
until His Son's return!

But God, He's also set in place
all things that yet await!
He knows all things that are ahead-
each time and every date!
Already has He had in place
each safeguard and each blessing!
Therefore, about our future, we
need not at all be stressing!

Father God--so thorough, so
dependable and true!
He may do such 'for anyone,'
but He focuses on YOU!
Recognize and glorify Him,
claim Him as your own!
His attributes and character,
in YOUR life, will be known!

Father God.  THE one and only TRUE Father Who can AND will take care of you throughout your days.  Even beyond that last day and far beyond this life, HIS LOVE NEVER FAILS!  Trust Him today, won't you, my friend?  He loves you THAT much!

His Daily Care!

So many folks I know have so much to say about their daily lives.  Are they happy?  Not always!  In fact, some I talk with see the day that I go through and have their wonders about me!  That's alright, though, because God has me in the palm of His hand!!

One more day to come and go.
successful?  YES, INDEED!
As God is put above it all
but surely, we'll succeed!!
Regardless of what may have happened
in the days ago,
He escorted me throughout the day,
and He protected so!

A lot would ask "Why did you have
that seizure anyway?!"
God alone knows why!  But I
will praise Him all the way!
I'm sore and bruised...but I am still
alive and still employed
by that company at which
my work is so enjoyed!

THAT'S the favor of my Father
in a busy world!
He sees to it that I am protected,
as blessings are unfurled!
Those blessings, they flow from His hand
but all throughout the day!
And we receive them with all praise
and gratitude His-way!

No matter what this life may hold,
He is above it all!
Thus, it is our privilege,
His Mighty Name to call!
He is worthy of all glory,
praise and adoration!
And someday soon, beyond all 'work,'
we'll join That Celebration!!

Yes, while we go on as best we can with what must be done in this life, there is a never-ending celebration going on around His throne and throughout the heavens!  AND IT'S ALL FOR HIM!  And we shall be a part of it, thus we are commanded to cry out "COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!"


These bodies of ours were not meant to last forever.  However, God has prepared one for each of us that will!  Until we see Jesus coming in the clouds, we are going to have setbacks, aches and pains and diseases.  NEVER LOSE HOPE!

When things happen in 'living' that
we cannot understand,
we look to Jesus--He is there,
and waits with outstretched hand!
Even that which happens that
may cause us any harm,
there is NO obstruction to Him
and His outstretched arm!

For any types of 'injury'
that finds to us its way,
He is the Answer for it--for
His Blood has power for aye!
It's greater than diseases, injuries
or accidents,
and He avails His loving touch
unto ALL incidents!

For ALL this life may come up with,
the Answer is the Lord!
We may not understand the 'Why?'
but His touch does afford!
He saw and knew that it would happen
long before our time,
and He beseeches us to seek
no reason or no rhyme!
But to trust Him fully, knowing
He is in control,
and, in the 'bigger picture' we
will be completely whole!
For life has many twists and turns,
and He knows of them all!
That's why, in each and all of them,
His Holy Name we call!

No life is perfect.  BUT IT IS STILL GOOD!  Do not lose hope, my friend, whatever may attack or afflict you!  For God is well aware of it and His Blood is The Perfect solution to it!


Friday, January 13, 2023

Divine Tragedy!

I hear these 'excuses' too often!!  Truth is, there are too many of our sacred places of worship locking up and closing the doors!  There are too many Pastors/Priests/Ministers giving up and just walking away!  GOD HELP US!  If there is one thing we need RIGHT NOW more than ever in this country it is folks who will stand up for God and lead His people!

Driving back from where we went,
it's usually a joy!
The scenery and people we,
but every trip, enjoy!
This time, however, I note something
troubling so deep!
The more I see it as we drive,
the more my soul would weep!
For there are churches all along,
(and ones of every 'kind,')
with 'FOR SALE' signs in front them!
That's not what God designed!
And those behind said pulpits, they
are finding other trades!
Are we, as their parishioners,
just not 'making the grades?!'

Yes, too many of the men of God,
the ones He called to serve,
we are failing to protect them,
to prosper and preserve!
The ones called to deliver 'hope,'
themselves are losing such!
If you see and know one of them,
make sure they know your touch!

"Oh God, please touch those that You choose,
ordain and set aside!
Restore in them that awesome hope
in which we so reside!
For there is none like You, oh Lord,
and nothing like Your House!
Embolden these we listen to,
and, with your blessings, dowse!"

Yes, it is a painful statistic that is going on in all corners of the earth!  Make sure YOU let your Spiritual Leader know how much they are appreciated and loved. 
Debby & I had a Pastor several years ago who enjoyed spending time with us because they could be 'themselves' in our house!  They felt that they didn't have to be 'on' all the time.  They could be 'real.'  Can your Pastor be 'real' around you?

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Another Enigma

The celebrations, the festivities, the joy and wonder even now in the 'afterglow' of celebrating Jesus, there is STILL so much to be grateful and joyous about!  However, that also means that there are a lot of folks out there in pain!  Look for them and look after them.  THEY NEED YOU AND WHAT YOU HAVE INDWELT INSIDE YOU!

It is a festive time of year,
so much gratitude and giving!
It makes us all so very glad
that we are even living!!
So much of life to be enjoyed,
so much of God to know,
so many look unto His Son
Who died ONE TIME, you know!

It's yet a festive time of year,
but, oh, too very many,
they look for causes to rejoice
and they cannot find any!
The activities of someone else
have robbed them of their joy!
Thus we, as servants of the Lord,
must FIND ways to employ!
We cannot change the 'tragedies,'
but we can give them love!
That is the first and greatest task-
some can't find HIM above!
We cannot change what's happened, but,
ourselves, can we avail,
when challenges arise for them
and their hopes seem to fail!

For in the past weeks, we have seen
such tragedies occur!
And, even for some of us,
has life become a 'blur!'
But 'come together,' where you are,
and, before you know it,
that 'blur' becomes more 'focused,' yes,
all we must do is show it!

Yea, though festivities went on and still do, so many out there are nowhere near 'festive!'  It is up to each and all of Christ's servants to put ourselves out there and make sure that the 'suffering' do not SUFFER alone.  And GO THROUGH it, they will, with the help of Jesus and the care and love of His chosen!


Saturday, January 7, 2023

The First Day of the Week

The first day of the week.  God's glorious day!  And in the early early, He sees to it that I start it out right!  

Early, early Sunday,

before church to relax.
A busy week this time of year-
those are settled facts!
But this is HIS day--He is central
in all things we do:
we worship Him...we give to Him...
relax and watch the view!
And such today be stellar in
the biting, Norther sigh!
An able wind makes sure the air
has no clouds floating by!
Such obstructing not the sight
of the hills and peaks
that I enjoy, so far away,
as, unto me, He speaks!
So freely does He give this man
instructions for the day,
and His insight for the
situations--come what may!

The beauty and the majesty
of the hills afar
against the brilliance of the blue-
incredible, they are!
So fascinating, so amazing,
so imposing, they!
What a priceless way to start
this awesome, holy day!

Yes.  Sunday, beautiful Sunday!  The Lord's Day.  He will receive several of our hours in His Holy House a little later.  Right now, though, He is right here with me, having coffee and pointing out His glorious creations!  I AM SO BLESSED!

Friday, January 6, 2023

Back to the Beginning

Often, I am asked where these words come from, or how long have I been writing.  It sometimes puzzles them when I answer them truly.  However, them that know God understand it fully!

So long, long ago,
at about 8 or so,
I started these words that you read.
I had heard someone pray.
His Spirit did sway,
and unto His move did I heed!
So many had doubt,
but I stuck it out,
as I only knew "Christmas Hymn;"
but several believed,
and, from them, I received
encouragement that would not dim!
Years later, salvation!
The Pastor took note of God's gift.
His pulpit he shared.
And this gift was declared,
giving the masses a lift!
In front of all men,
Holy Ghost guided pen,
and Jesus was lifted each time!
I tried other word,
but was quickly assured
'those words' had no reason or rhyme!
And, so, here we are,
with God, yet so far
from those '4-line' prayers long ago!
They call me 'retired,'
but I'm ever-inspired
to keep writing for God Whom we know!

Yes, I have been called 'disabled,' 'retired,' and many other things.  However, each time I pick up that pen and pray, God fills in the lines on those pages!  He was faithful then, He is faithful now, and He will ever be faithful as long as I set aside time to listen to what He has to say.  Yes, HE IS FOREVER faithful!

THE Variety of Life

LIVING.  In doing so, we run into the gamut of people.  What a blessing it is, however, to run into them that GENUINELY care.

How wonderful be them that make life

bearable for all!
They go out of their way for such,
despite THEIR wherewithal!
They see to comforts and concerns
of folks they hardly know.
Such as these, they're gifts from God-
He places them just so!

And, in the times we're in, such folks
are in such high demand!
They set themselves aside and yield
unto His each command!
Counting not the cost at all,
they hear Him and obey.
They carry out His each command,
(and, such, without delay!)

It takes a certain breed of heart,
compassion such to know.
Those hearts, they see a 'situation,'
and just turn and go!
Jesus Christ directs their hearts
where HE would desire,
and they respond with all they are,
yes, they give their entire!

Oh, so wonderful the folks that make
this life a thing so great!
So great be their reward, indeed,
and that's NOT due to 'fate!'
It is a promise from His Word,
alive and greatly living
inside the heart of each and all
who are so freely giving!

This life takes all kinds of people to continue on.  You and I run into all kinds of folk as we go about our day!  But a treasure it is to run into them that care and give no thought to the cost of such!  GOD MAKES THOSE FOLKS!

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Neglected Blessings!

Business is quite brisk!  I have a few days, however, to rest and relax.  There are, though, things out in the yard that I have not had time to tend to...until today!

Away from all reality
if only for a while.
Savoring the sunlight as
it sees us with a smile!
The gamut of emotions was
in labor all the week.
Today, though, in a break from all,
His Presence would I seek,
and it is found in gentle breeze
and sky so very blue,
while the land would demonstrate
the spectrum of all hue!
And peace is caused as one beholds
the workings of His hand:
casting eyes in each direction
is a sight so grand!

And He and I converse about 
the glory of it all.
Though 'winter,' it be in its prime,
it almost feels like fall!
Away, though, from 'reality-'
(as such would call for 'snow!')
Not today however, it is
'50's' that we know!
And it be perfect to accomplish
time with Him before
I feed the wild animals
that wait outside that door.
The squirrels have been flipping lids
hoping I'll hear them.
They know I've been so busy with
the job to tend to them.
And they are gathering around
as they see me come out the door
knowing that those wooden feeders
soon will have some more!

Filling up the squirrel feeders.  A very small price to pay for the entertainment they provide!  (And the frustration for the dogs as they scramble around the yard with their heads in the air and their voices sounding!)  What a glorious way to spend a day off!

Tuesday, January 3, 2023


DON'T CRITICIZE AND COMPLAIN!  Remember what happened with Moses and the people of Israel!  It took them 40 years to go HOW FAR?!  

"O let me not complain, oh Lord.
For You have blessed this man!
When things don't go as I expect,
help me recall YOUR plan!
There are so many things in life
that we see as 'expected.'
If something goes 'awry,' however
we start to feel 'rejected!'

O let me not fall for THAT trap
that this life has in store!
Let me depend on You instead,
for, in You, there is more!
'Exceedingly abundant' is
the life that YOU provide!
That very life this 'human' world
would scoff at and deride!

BUT GOD, I will depend on You
forever, come what may!
I know that You have 'got my back'
and Your vow is my stay!
In this life and the next, You WILL
abundantly provide;
and just ONE thing may hinder THAT:
if I'm not satisfied!!

I read Your Word and see what happens
to those who complain: 
'round and 'round' they go, my Lord,

and little is their gain!
But them that DO something about it,
prosperous they be!
Make me, Lord, to be one of them
that live successfully!

Yes, it is well documented in His Word (and in THIS life) what happens to them that complain all the time. Not only is it detrimental to their health, but those about them suffer as well.  Check your spirit, my friend, and make sure that you are not one of them!  Life will be all the better when You take each day as it comes, KNOWING that God is in complete control!

You Never Know!

This was written a few weeks ago, when it was white and blustery.  Who'da thot that we would be lounging around in 70 degree weather on January 3?!

Looking out across the land
as the snowflakes blow.
It has not yet accumulated
but it will, I know!
Last week, when it was '70,'
I got prepared for this!
I watched the ranchers, and I knew
THIS weather would not miss!

Oh, but it's so glorious
as it accumulates!
My customers were buying things
that pointed to 'these' dates!
Now that it is here, however,
it's quite a sight to see!
I take in its great wonder with
the Lord right next to me!
He points out how, right now, the trees
have one side that is white,
and how the bravest birds upon
the ground take such delight!
They poke their heads into the snow
and flap their little wings!
Each one that comes up 'empty-handed'
just moves on and sings!

Ah...the wonder of the Ozarks-
so beautiful and alive!
And God sees to it that, in even
such as this, we thrive!
He is so very generous,
creative in His ways!
So, we see to it, in ALL things,
we give Him endless praise!!

Yes, the snow I was watching when I wrote this is all gone now...HERE!  (And it's back to almost 70 degrees!)  However, this IS The Ozarks, and we could have another blizzard by the end of the week!  You never know!  But this we DO know: His handiwork is ALWAYS beautiful!

Monday, January 2, 2023 a Whir!

"Hurry Up!  Let's get this over with!  We have a schedule to keep!"  And God help us if we don't meet THAT schedule!!  HOLD ON A MINUTE!!

Where does one put the pain that happens

oh so close to heart,
inflicted by the ones you love,
in whose lives you have a part?
Some things seem 'flippant' to the ones
that just go moving by,
while the ones that catch the brunt of such,
in anguish, deeply cry!

And why so, at the holidays,
does such as this go on?!
I'm sure the Lord meant for His Birthday
to be CELEBRATED on!
But look at what 'the world' has made 
'The season' to become!
Disappointment, stress and pain-
it is 'the norm' for some!
'Family' as we know it has
become so rare, it seems.
'A joyous time together' has
become a thing of dreams!
We 'travel' here and 'hurry' there,
'dividing' up the time.
'Christmas' AS GOD meant it to be
would be a thing sublime!
Why can't we come together ALL,
as long as it may take
and have a Christmas 'genuine',
one that is not 'fake?'
We've crammed so much into the times
that God set long ago,
that 'quality time' with one another
is something so few know!

I see it too often in the families in our towns.  I see it too often in the families IN OUR CHURCHES!  It is a painful thing to watch as a 'spiritual leader.'  It is all the more painful when it is YOUR family!

Sunday, January 1, 2023

What Is Our 'Motive?'

A brand-new day is here!  And brand-new year!  Or is it to you, as it is to many, 'just another day?'  I surely hope not!  For God has blessed us with 365 new opportunities before us to make a difference in this world!  Will YOU take advantage of that...or fall back into 'what's expected?'

Jesus Christ the Lord Has come.
The world has taken note.
Most 'habits' of the day, however,
they've become so rote!
How precious and refreshing be
something completely new!
Like my finding for myself
the thoughts and yearns for you.
Too often do we 'make a list' 
this holy time of year,
and give due 'obligation' or
of habit oh so mere!
What if we sought the heart of God
when giving to anyone?
Would that not be more 'meaningful'?
Would that not be more fun?
And would that not bless 'receivers' with
something unexpected?
For it would surely please the Lord
with praise to Him directed! 

Too many, oh, too often, they
get caught up in the traps
the enemy sets everywhere
just hoping someone 'snaps!'
And 'snap' they do when realizing,
it's from 'obligation!'
IT SHOULD BE from a caring heart,
and NOT from 'delegation!'

So, this year, check your motives when
you give.  Is it from 'love?'
A 'willing, caring, giving heart,'
is what it should be of!
Not 'obligation,' not 'of guilt,'
or from a heart 'expecting!'
Yes, do this and, God the Father's heart,
you will be respecting!

Yes, I know, 'Christmas' was last week.  But I saw too many folks come into my store and purchase something JUST BECAUSE it is 'customary!'  Not because they just couldn't wait to!  However, the 'latter' should be each Christmas!  For God the Father 'just couldn't wait' to bless the world with His Son Jesus Christ!  May we have the same attitude when we bless one another!