Friday, December 30, 2022

That's My Girl!

If you have raised children, you KNOW that they can be a blessing one moment and drive you up the wall the next!  Our daughter was that way.   In fact, we wondered if she would EVER amount to anything at times.  Turns out, she has become THE ONE that checks on us daily and makes sure that we have everything...even when her job takes her all over the country!

There are moments that we come upon 
scattered here and there
when the heart sets everything aside,
just seeming not to care!
This Christmas season seemed to be
one of those moments come...
for ONE set everything aside
and WONDERFUL was our sum!
They took no notice of the 'cost'
to bring joy unto all!
God put upon her heart each gift,
and she obeyed the call!
She looked not at the 'cost' of each,
she looked into the heart!
And what she did made lives about her,
lasting joy, impart!

But 'such' she tries to do each day
at labor and at ease!
And I know the heart of God most High
did she also please!
For it is God Who gave her that heart
before this life was known!
He knew that she would be this way
when she was fully grown!
(Secretly, we had our doubts
about this as she grew!)
But look at what she has become--
for God above, He knew
that moments such as this would come
if we trusted and believed,
therefore, a WOMAN with such heart
my wife and I received!

Yea, so many moments o'er the years
she's blessed our lives and so!
And even to this very day
she makes sure that we know
that she is faithful to provide
if ever we should lack!
There is NO WAY, here in THIS life,
that we could pay her back!

"Thank You, Father God, for giving us a daughter with such an enormous heart!"
"Thank you, Vickilove, for being so selfless and generous!  You are a great blessing, honey!"


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