Tuesday, December 13, 2022

That Necessary Joy!

Yes!  There is a Joy that is so necessary in this world in the days that are, and God Most High Provides it!  His Name is JESUS, and even the heavens sing of His glory and wonder!  Won't YOU join in?

O sing ye out with jubilance!
Yea, come ye, one and all!
Him Who is the King of Love
is come!  Before Him fall!
Give unto Him due adoration
at this time of year,
and He will assure that you prosper
as long as you are here!!

O but sing ye out with jubilance
REGARDLESS of the time!
His holiness is stellar and
His love, it is sublime!
And He is worthy of all praise
and exaltation, too,
in this, the Christmas 'season,' yes,
and all the whole year through!

Sing ye, one and all, to JESUS,
Lord and Master, too!
His birth, it so commemorates
peace, mercy, life anew!
He knows us, each and every one,
our future, thoughts and deeds,
and He is able and concerned
about our wants and needs!

Yea, sing ye people!  He is worthy
of all joy, all song!
His love, it will remain, (for some,)
but for forever long!
And THIS world, at this moment needs
That Joy which CANNOT end,
and it is found in Christ alone,
our Savior, Lord and Friend! 

Oh, that glorious song!  It is so alive in millions and millions of men and angels!  But it yet awaits to be awakened in many others!  Share that Living Song wherever you go these days!  If there is one certainty common throughout this world, it be the need for His Hope, Assurance and Joy!

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