Sunday, December 11, 2022

Speaking of 'pain...'

Getting older.  WHAT?!  NO WAY!  Say it isn't so!  Truth is, however, that these bodies were not made to last forever!  When I was hired at the restaurant, (in the last century!) I would go begin my shift in the mornings waiting on folks and catering to "The Coffee Crew," that group of 'older' people who would come in for the free refills and talk about everything.  I used to hear them tell of how their bodies would hurt when the weather turned colder.  I DON'T LAUGH ANYMORE!  (Not that I'm 'old,' of course!)

Some days, the 'things' that worked so well,
(to which we gave no thought,)
some have to put some effort into
that which we still have got!
I heard of folks speak of 'stuff' like this
long past down at the store.
I used to laugh and chuckle THEN.

I never thought my body, a
'barometer' would become,
but, as one ages, day-by-day, 
that 'truth' becomes the sum!
There is pain in places that you thought
would NEVER be at all!
However, in spite of life's 'affects,'
'good' is my wherewithal!

Yes, life hurts!  However, life is good,
and these bodies will not last.
Do all you can as long as you can
until the Trumpet Blast!
A PERFECT BODY, at that time,
receive we, one and all-
we who serve the Risen Lord
and follow His great Call!

Yes, 'life' is painful at times, BUT IT IS STILL GOOD!  If YOU are in pain, remember that Jesus fully understands it!  His arms are never too short to embrace you, and His Promises of the next life will more than compensate for it!  TRUST HIM!

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