Thursday, December 29, 2022

Quality Time

There are too many folks I know who are living their lives to please certain people, while the others who REALLY enjoy them and desire them just take what they can get!  It's a painful thing to see, especially when you KNOW those who are doing it!  AND IT TAKES ALL THE FUN OUT OF IT!

While 'situations' happen
while celebrations roar....
while this life takes up all our time,
another life would soar!
For God ordains a Paradise
where 'time' does not exist.
Where not a thing is pressuring,
no thing is ever missed!

Yes, Heaven is above, and Christ
is there to oversee!
God makes that great Paradise
unsurpassed eternally!
A lot of things are going on
we know not yet about,
and, as long as we know Jesus,
And we will come to know those 'things'
when HE says time has come!
Until that day, in 'situations,'
'grace' will be our sum,
as long as we press on and trust Him
in each 'situation!'
In Heaven and in earth HE is
the GREATEST of relation!

Yea, life--it is not slowing down
or waning in the least.
And, day-by-day, the 'speed' of living
seems to be increased!!
But Jesus Christ, The King, shall be
exalted over all
in celebration and situation, 
'speed' factors not at all!

Some people in this life take a portion of time and say "OK, we are going to take this amount of time and try to get as much done and see as many people as we can."  Where is the 'enjoyment' in that?!  If you are going to do something, make sure you put 'quality' into it.  Otherwise, few will find enjoyment in it, and you will be spent afterwards!

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