Monday, December 19, 2022


It seems to be a completely different world once we step out the door during this 'season.'  However, that DOES NOT mean that we have to be a 'completely different' type of person!  May we strive to be even more 'Christ-like' as we go our way in the days that are!

How priceless is the patience that
is necessary so!
Especially THIS time of year
when 'busier' we go!
God, Himself, He took the time
to send His only Son--
preparing every detail knowing
all that would be done!

But what about those times and places
'patience' does not work?
You do your very best and give,
and get treated like a jerk?!
Your works are snubbed, they are ignored,
sometimes, outright trashed!
BUT GOD, He knows your heart, so let
your feelings not get smashed!
Continue on, friend, ever forward,
doing good always;
being patient with all men,
regardless of THEIR ways!
Not everyone you meet each day
is going to be 'kind,'
and folks like that be EVERYWHERE--
so easily to find!
Let not such interrupt the joy
that Jesus is each day!
For He would have you be a light
upon the Narrow Way!

So, in the 'season' of His birth,
let us 'endure' each other.
After all, He made us to
be 'sister' and be 'brother!'

Sure, it's easy to write these words.  It's a whole 'nother thing to LIVE them!  But it is possible, and your Christmas will be all the more joyful if you do!


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